Monday, 21 January 2019

It's Ok Not To Be Ok

There is so much stigma surrounding mental health and because of it people put up a fake front. We are scared to admit we are not ok, simply because we do not want to be a burden on those whom we love and I myself have been in that situation. It is often isolating and lonely being caught up in your own mind. But it is ok to be struggling and it is ok to ask for help. 

Asking for help can often sometimes feel like you are admitting defeat, that you have lost, but it is not, it is simply you realising you cannot do this alone and that is ok. You should not have to suffer in silence no matter what your demons are. Each and everyone of us have struggled, some more than others but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and a chance to overcome those feelings. Whether that light is in a person or in an activity, like the gym there is always something. The stigma surrounding peoples mental health, for people always needing to be happy and putting on a brave face needs to end. It is causing people to push back their emotions and that does not help. Burying things deeply can often result in one day everything becoming too much and imploding. 

Realising that no you are not alone in the way your mind works and that there are always people around to support you and talk to. That is what is important, not some stereotype of a person who always has a smile on their face, because it is ok to not always be happy and smiling 24/7.

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