About Me

My name is Georgia, I'm a 16 year old blogger from the UK and begun my blog in December of 2013. I am keen on making this world a better place to live in and because of this I am vegan and use only cruelty free products. I became vegan for the benefits of the planet, the animals and also my health. For me it is important to consider where your products come from and the kinds of things you are putting into your body both on the inside and out. It is important to look after yourself, which is why I decided to make the change to this lifestyle. It is coming onto this lifestyle that made me interested in natural beauty products, aromatherapy and a more simpler way of life.

I believe in living a positive, mindful life and enjoy travelling, photography, reading, and Pilates. I also have an interest in meditation, aromatherapy and crafting. I am a lover of the seaside and enjoy nothing more than being near the ocean. I am moving into my first year of sixth form which in all honesty is scary but it is all part of a new adventure.

When I first made my blog I think it was for the wrong reasons, I was young and I made it because it is what everyone else was seeming to do at the time. But now I have realised that I want to write my posts for me. I don't want to post things that I think my readers will like but what I truly want to write because I believe that is what is important. Write for yourself not for others. In this blogging, social media world people often loose their true selves because they hide behind a front of what they think other people want to see. That isn't what I want to be like anymore even though in the beginning I feel I was.

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