Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lush Dream Cream | First Impressions

Lush's Dream Cream is advertised as its No 1. product and in  my eyes that is a hard standard to maintain considering so many of Lush's products are top notch quality. I have suffered with KP, or Keratosis Pilarus for most of my life. I inherited it from my parents and it's actually very common. KP is where you have lots of little bumps on often the tops of your legs or arms, it is also known as 'chicken skin'. My arms break out in red spots that become quite irritated in the summer. In the warmer months I can feel quite self conscious about the tops of my arms and I have been searching for a product to help improve my KP for years.

It was on a vlog I heard someone referring to Lush's Dream Cream and how great it is, they also mentioned that it had been the only affective thing to treat their KP. After trying out all of the moisturizers on the market to try and combat my KP, I decided why they heck not. It is quite a pricey moisturizer for around £12 a pot, but that's the price you pay for a top quality moisturizer. When I first opened the package I wasn't convinced on the smell as it isn't something I would usually go for but the cream itself felt very nourishing and thick. I was sceptical about whether or not this product would help with the bumps, purely because I have tried and tested endless amounts of creams and lotions, all of which have failed. I applied it after I got out the shower and then slathered it on just the tops of my arms. Admittedly I am savouring it by only using it on my arms, so not to waste it in one go. When I woke up the next day I felt a noticeable difference with my arms. The lumps were less hard and they were also reduced in size as the redness had reduced. The bumps are still there but overall my arms are so much smoother and the difference is amazing.

The natural ingredients in Dream Cream cool irritated skin from the calming products such as oat milk and chamomile blue oil. It is targeted for itchy skin and oats have been an ancient remedy for soothing eczema, adding to the effectiveness of this cream. There is also added nourishment in the form of cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil.


  1. I'm not confident about my upper arms either as they are quite bumpy and the skin on them is different colours in patches but this product sounds amazing. I'm definitely going to have to check it out.


  2. That's exactly what mine are like! I used to be really self-conscious about them, but I've just learnt to accept them :)

    Georgia x

  3. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.

  4. Hey, did you design this template youself? If you didn't, please could you tell me who did? I need a bit of help with my blog and it looks so cool!


  5. My arms sound exactly like that! I'm definitely going to be getting some dream cream and see if it works for me

  6. I get really red and sensitive legs which is made worse with any form of exfoliation or shaving and Dream Cream is the only thing so far that actually calms this and doesn't make my skin itch. I do think it's a bit pricey though. I don't think it's something to repurchase every 3 months. x