Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Essentials | Beauty

The Summer holidays is growing nearer and it's time to whip out all the Summer essentials.

Face SPF

Although all sunscreen is important, I think it is especially important to protect your face from the sun. It will decrease your risk of skin cancer and of course prevent you burning. Because I have fair, freckly skin I tend to burn pretty easily so I always apply a face SPF before my makeup. The one I use is from the Moisture Match Line by Garnier in 'Normal Skin' 

Gradual Tan

Do you want that Summer glow but stay inside watching Netflix all day? Then gradual tanner will be your bestfriend. It gives a really natural look which looks like you've spent the entire day by the pool. Being fair skinned I find it hard to get a tan at all, so I reach for the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanning Lotion in the shade 'light/medium' Overtime it will build up into a sun-kissed natural tan.

Sea Salt Spray

You'll notice alot of people by the beach with perfectly wavy beachy hair. There's a way to fake it using a sea salt spray. Just sprizz a bit in your hair, give it a scrunch and you'll be left with toussled, beachy waves. The one I use is the Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Spray.

White Nail Polish

White polish on your finger nails gives a really clean elegant look to your nails. On a plus side it will go with any outfit! I use this white shade from Barry M.

Bright Coral Polish

However for your toe nails a neon coral colour will look great poking out of your sandles. The one I am loving right now is the Essie polish in the shade 'Russian Roulette'. This particular shade would look amazing with a tan.

Champagne Cream Eye Shadow

In the Summer you don't want to be spending time doing complicated eye shadow looks, so instead go for a simple champagne shade all over the lid. It will brighten up your eyes making them appear bigger, also for long lasting power go for a cream shadow that will last if you go in the pool ect. My recommendation is the Mac Cream Shadow in 'Bare Study'.

SPF Lipbalm

As much as protecting your face it is as equally important to protect your lips, as trust me it's painful when they burn. Nobody likes the look of burnt peeling lips.

Those are all my Summer essentials, be sure to let me know what yours are. I hope you enjoyed this post and that your all excited for Summer as I am. Thank you for reading.


  1. Lovely post as always!! I think you have just persuade me to purchase a white nail varnis and some salt spray, so if i spend all my money I'm blaming you! Would you really recommend the salt spray you have because i can't decide whether to get that one or the tony and guy one!! Please check out our blog and maybe drop a comment and subscribe!!!

  2. Hi Georgia, I jut came across your blog on I stag ram and I have fallen I. Love. Out wrote soooooo well
    Love Esme cox