Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Shared Secret to Silky Hair

When it comes to hair care I often find myself getting into a rut, I'm too scared to try out new products; when in fact there are probably hundreds of amazing products out there just waiting for me to discover them. If you have seen any of my past hair care posts then you will know my previous love for Aussie products, but alas that love affair is now over and thought it was time to move on.

For me when it comes to hair I like things to be VERY low maintenance, when I say that I mean all I do I just wash and condition my hair and that is the end of it. On the occasion I will add a curl or straighten, but more often than not I will just leave it natural and that is why a good shampoo and conditioner are key for me.

Before Aussie came along I used to use Organix Argan Oil and that had an amazing effect on my hair, I'm not quite sure why I stopped using it. I headed over to the Organix section of Boots was filled with a sense of excitement as all the new bottles of shampoo and conditioner stood before me. It was a breath of fresh air from the same old Aussie shelf. I decided to try out one I have never seen before and went for the Kukui Oil; half because I was intrigued by the name, half because of recommendations I've heard. The first time I washed my hair using these products I was sceptical because the consistency is quite thick compared to previous products I have used, I thought it would be too heavy and weigh my hair down. However, after massaging the shampoo into my scalp and leaving the conditioner on the ends of my hair I rinsed it out, my hair felt noticeably softer to the touch even when it was dripping wet. I always leave my hair to dry naturally over night, so the real test came when I woke up the next morning. My hair felt revitalized and the natural wave my hair holds was enhanced. The usual morning frizz my hair usually holds after washing was gone and my fears of the shampoo being too heavy were erased. What's best about these products is that all Organix products contain all natural ingredients and  are sustainable. It's these kind of products I try to go for over others because I feel that they react best with my hair and are best for the environment.

I hope you enjoyed my new shared secret to silky hair and that perhaps it persuades you to update your own hair care regime. I am all too aware how easy it is to become stuck in the same old routine everyday but often change is good.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumn Fashion Trends

Suede Jacket
Jersey Dress
Burgundy Dress
Black Blouse
Boyfriend Jeans
Chunky Knitted Jumper

It may be no secret to you all that autumn is my favourite season. The weather becomes cool and fresh and that means the autumnal, cosy fashion comes out. I have to admit aside from the weather, the autumn fashion is my second favourite thing. I could happily cosy up in boots and jumpers in the festive colours all year, but I doubt it to be accommodating to the sweltering summer heat. I was browsing the online shelves of Sheinside*, drooling over some of their autumn pieces, and thought to put together an autumn lust list for you all, perhaps to give you some inspiration on what to wear this lovely season. Ranging from suede jackets, jumpers to flowy baby doll style dresses in the gorgeous autumn shades, I have covered them all.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

London | Travel Diaries


The bustling vibe of a city is the kind I love to explore. Finding hidden gems to explore and photograph. I have visited London many a time and love it more each time. The city is one I could quite get used to, the atmosphere, the architecture and character, all are eye opening. Don't blink or you may miss something. These are just some quick snaps I took whilst out and about on the Busy London streets. If you want to see what I got up to whilst on my travels I have a London Itinerary post here.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Men's Shirt




Top // Brandy Melville
Jeans // Topshop
Shirt // Levi's Vintage
Boots // Doc Martens
Scarf // Accessorize (no longer available)

If you know me then I think it's common knowledge that I like my shirts. I have too many that I can wear and yet I still keep adding to my collection? In all fairness I have been on the hunt for an oversized denim shirt for what seems like forever now. I have been scouring all the vintage shops and yet still failed to find that perfect shirt. Being a lover of denim can be tricky because I end up being the most fussy when finding the wash I want. It's always, that's too light, too distressed, too dark etc etc. I just wanted a basic every day wash, was that too much to ask for?

I found my perfect denim in Camden Market in one of the many vintage stores. It's a men's medium Levi's shirt that I snapped up for a bargain of just £15. If you're looking for authentic denim then vintage stores are the way forward. Because the weather is getting a little chilly here I layered my denim shirt with a khaki jumper I picked up from Brandy Melville. I of course then threw on a trusty pair of black jeans and my Doc Martens that are looking a little worse for wear. For the ultimate cosy feeling for this outfit I added a huge patterned scarf that further adds to the vintage vibe the outfit gives.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The London Itinerary

Whilst you are currently reading this post I will most probably be in the big city. I love venturing down to London and often manage to pay it a visit once a year. This time around I am going for my 16th birthday with my friends. We are staying in Chelsea and doing all that typical London things.

Now because I have been to London a fair few times over the years, I have done most of the typical tourist things, so we usually like to wonder around, shop and visit the odd museum.

The day for shopping. I intend to spend my birthday money along the streets of London and pick up a few new things to add to my wardrobe we will be venturing down the bussling Oxford and Regent street, to purchase a few goodies. We will also be going to Carnaby Street, which has more independent stores and believe it or not I have actually never been there before so that is a new experience. Covent Garden is another beautiful place in London to visit, it is one of those tourist centred places however is well worth the visit. It has a huge array of independent shops varying from high end to high street as well as having endless food options. We will be dining in Jamie's Italian for our tea, I would 100% recommend Jamie's if you are a fan of pasta because I can assure you it is amazing. This next adventure is more targeted toward to the Harry Potter fans our of my readers because we will also be going to Kings Cross station, any guesses why? To visit Platform 9 3/4 of course! Rest assured I will also be picking up my fair share of Harry Potter themed nick naks from the shop.

After the previous hectic Saturday our Sunday will be taking a more lay back approach. We are going for breakfast in Colbert's which is a beautiful little restaurant that has the best granola. After probably going on a little walk we will also be going to Camden Market which is 'the' vintage area in London which again I have never bee too, so I am excited to browse through al the independent vintage store to find some unique pieces. The next and final place we will be going lets out the inner child in me out to play, we are going to the British Museum and not going to lie it is mainly for the factor that Night in the Museum was filmed there but I do love a good museum. I don't care how old that makes me sound.

Well that is it for the London Itinerary. My time in the city is pretty much over for another time. I hope this post has inspired you for a trip you may be taking to London or you have enjoyed a little nosey into my weekend!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

16th Birthday Makeup | Makeup Monthly

Products Used
Stila 'In the Garden' Palette in 'Sage' and 'Bark'
Bourjois CC Cream 'Ivory'
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer '15'
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Mac 'Velvet Teddy'
Rimmel Exagerrate Liquid Liner
Benefit Roller Lash
Natural Collection Duo 'Mocha/Latte'
Rimmel Sun Shimmer 'Bronze Matte

Well this is a very exciting makeup monthly, it's my birthday month! For those who don't know I turned 16 this past weekend so how could I not show you the birthday makeup that I wore? In this look I used my new Stila 'In the Garden' palette to create an autumnal look. I chose to go with a subtle khaki eye look. I used 'Sage' al over the lid using a blending brush to give a less polishes look, and then I blended 'Bark' into my crease to add definition and darken up the look. I filled in my brows using an eye shadow brush and the natural collection duo in Mocha. Then applied very thin line of liquid liner and a generous coat of mascara of course. I stuck to my roots, by using my go to face products, the Bourjois CC Cream, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I topped the look off with a little bronzer to hold on to the summer feel in the air and swiped on Mac's 'Velvet Teddy' as a neutral lip colour that pairs perfectly with the pop of colour on the eyes.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

5 Things | Mixtape

Living in the digital world it seems that no one purchases a CD anymore and I couldn't be more horrified. I sometimes feel like the only person who gets out a CD, sticks it into a CD player and dance around like a crazy person. Please reassure me? I would say I have quite a healthy CD collection and often find myself wandering into a HMV store to further add to that collection. I am always on the look out for new music to listen to, so if you have any suggestions? As a CD lover I thought I would share five of my favourite albums.

Twin Atlantic - Great Divide
The Kooks - Inside in Inside out
Tove Lo - Queen of the Clouds
London Grammar - If You Wait
Imagine Dragons - Smoke and Mirrors

I don't know how I would explain to you my music taste but here goes, it's indie rock come alternative with a little pop? I like some songs in the charts but I prefer finding alternative music. Twin Atlantic, Imagine Dragons and The Kooks are three of my all time favourite brands and their music is the kind that makes you want to danc.e So if you like my badly described music taste then you should give these albums a listen.