Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Pays a Visit

So it seems Summer in Britain has finally paid a visit. The weather has finally warmed up and it's edging ever so closely to the end of school. This all means only one thing, holidays. What comes with holidays you may ask? preparation, that will make your skin look as glowing as possible on the beach in your swimming costume.

The Bikini
All the stores are stocking them and have all their summer stock in. I was a little put off when I saw them in the shops in Winter times may I add, but now is the time to get your new bikini. They have a range of different styles to suit your preferred style, but don't let anyone tell you which you can and can't wear. If you want to wear a daring bikini wear it.

Bikini's featured
Otilly Swimwear*

When in the shower use a scrub, especially in summer. This uplifts your skin from the dead cells and gives it a healthy looking glow, it also makes the after feeling of shaving just that much better.

The razor
I'm a preferred razor user over waxing. I think it's quicker and less hassle. Getting a good razor to ensure a close shave and minimal effort afterward really makes all the difference. I am a true Venus user and that's what works for me to create a smooth feel. There is nothing better than a feeling of freshly shaved legs, especially on clean bed sheets (the little things in life).

Finishing touches
To prevent your skin from cracking after shaving it's important to moisturise no matter what. If you want to go that little extra in summer and are like me not into going all out in the tanning department try out a tanning moisturiser. It will give you a buildable gradual tan that won't leave you like an umpa lumpa, as well as moisturising your skin and giving it a healthy summer glow.

Show it off
Show it off and be confident. Summer is usually a time where people feel self conscious about the lack of clothes and their body, but in all honesty no matter what your thinking, the people around you probably don't care. Be confident and don't let those insecurities you have hold you back in having fun because what is a life if you're not living it to the fullest?

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Stila Kitten | Review

Eye shadow is one of the only makeup products I seem to find myself splurging on. I feel that you can create endless amounts of looks with just one palette. This is my justification for buying yet more eyes shadows of course.

A champagne eye shadow I think is a staple shade that every one should have in their makeup collection. It is such a versatile shade that can be used not only as an eye shadow but also to highlight areas on your face. It's a great starting products for beginners of make up as you can't really go wrong! I recently picked up my first Stila product, and after hearing many good reviews I decided to pick up 'Kitten' Eye shadow.  This shade I have to say is right up my alley. A neutral, champagne, what more could a girl want? I have tried many champagne eye shadows in my short time and I have to say this one is by far one of my favourites. It leaves a beautiful finish on your lid, as it hold gorgeous flecks of shimmer. It hits the light and makes your eyes appear brighter and lifted, which always helps tired looking eyes. I love wearing it on its own as I feel it makes my eyes appear more awake. A little tip I have found is to apply it on the inner corner of my eye, this really seems to complete any eye look by adding just that little extra.

If your looking on the market for that new staple champagne eye shadow, this is one you should definitely try out, I am most definitely converted and I don't think I will ever need to purchase another champagne shade again.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer Goddess

This Summer it's all about the 70's inspired looks. With the off the shoulder tops, the denim, the hippy esk flowy blouses and the Birkenstocks. Here I put together an outfit that would go perfectly with the Summer trends, with minimalist, neutral tones that will keep you cool in the sun.

I went for a white flowy top and loose fit denim look short combo, because I think it is perfect for this time of year. It will keep you cool but also give a hippy vibe to your outfit. The blouse has a very elegant feel with the cut out shoulder and the denim look shorts add some structure to the outfit. The shoes I have paired with this outfit are very Spanish inspired and are currently everywhere in stores. I remember going around Spain when I was little and seeing this style shoe everywhere and now it has come to Britain. They add a rustic, laid back touch to the outfit that makes you look like you're heading to the beach on the sunny isles of Spain. In summer there isn't an awful lot you need to carry with you so I opted for a small shoulder bag. It keeps to the rustic feel of the outfit as well as adding some warmer tones. Of course what would a summer outfit be without a pair of sunglasses? This year it is all about the reflective lenses, these perspexs sunglasses are bang on trend and add a modern twist to the outfit.

*All items are from Romwe

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Capturing Moments

Today we live in a world that is centred around technology and with that often comes the forget of capturing moments physically. Yes, we all snap a photo on our phone when out and about but what about when your phone breaks? those moments you captured will be lost, forever. I made it a goal of mine this year to print off all my favourite pictures I have gathered for me to have a physical copy that will last.

Having a physical copy of a memory is something you can share with others and treasure. I myself have never been one to remember to print off photos. But when I was little my mum would always print off our holidays from the early digital camera's or disposable's and I love looking back through all the memories I have shared with my friends and family from my childhood. I feel that looking back on your time is a special moment that can help to capture happiness.


Which type of person are you? Do you have photos stored in many albums or taking up memory on your phone?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Necklaces | Style Snippet

In Summer my outfits become simpler and lightweight, when this happens instead of having a quite plain outfit I like to draw attention to it by wearing necklaces. Whether it be a statement necklace or the dainty kind, add one to an outfit and you have an instant style piece.

Wearing necklaces draws attention to your outfit and makes it like you put more effort it when in reality you just threw on a necklace. Pair with a basic tank and shorts and you have a put together Summer outfit. Another aspect I love is layering necklaces, you can mix it up with different metals or differ the lengths, this again adds more textures to your outfit. If you what to go all out with your Summer outfits, add a bold statement necklace that adds a bohemian feel to your outfit. It adds the perfect summer vibe to any outfit and is perfect for holiday wear in the Summer sun. I am a preferred wearer of silver jewellery as I feel it goes better with more neutral toned outfits and that way when layering you have endless options.

Necklaces Featured
Strung Designs*
Stroem Designs*
Belle & B*

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mac Velvet Teddy | Review

This lipstick really is a blast from the past. The dark nude lip colour was worn all over early magazines and on the streets in the 70's and now its making a reappearance and being honest I wasn't expecting myself to own such a colour.

I have been trying to get my hands on Mac's Velvet Teddy for some time now, and for the most of it, was completely sold out almost everywhere I looked. Although recently restocked I spotted it online on Debenhams and grasped at the chance to purchase it.

Out of all the Mac lipsticks I have ever owned I have never tried their matte formula's, however I had never been a fan of matte finishes as I found them to sink into the fine lines of my lips and dry them out. To contrast however the formula of Velvet Teddy is the opposite, it's not much different to a lustre in a sense that it doesn't sink into the lines of your lips so long as you moisturise. With it being a matte finish the lasting power of the little lipstick is amazing, if I weren't to eat it would stay on all day no doubt, even after a meal though there are still remains of it on your lips as a stain. The colour of Velvet Teddy drew me to it firstly as I have always stuck to the pink side of the nude spectrum, ad when I saw this, being a dark nude, at first I was reluctant. Once jumping on the bandwagon I couldn't be more happier after trying it out. It complements my pale complexion and is a step up from my usual pinky nude.

On a whole I am happy to welcome this Mac lipstick into my growing collection as a firm current favourite. What are your current favourite lip shades?