Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My Top Cruetly Free Brands

In my recent attempts to become more cruelty free I have been scouring the web looking for what bands are cruelty free ad what isn't. Those people that say if you are cruelty free you can't use any products are wrong. There are many great brands that are cruelty free that I actually found I already use.
Yes To
I love this brand and I already used the moisturizer in my skincare routine. I have now started using the shampoo and conditioner, as well as their cleaner and scrub. Their products are lovely and are made out of up to 98% natural ingredients. Yes to is a great affordable cruelty free option that you can find online or in Boots.
Two Faced
I was surprised to find that such a highly acclaimed makeup brand was cruelty free and although I have never used any of their products I thought it would be worth a mention because so many people do love it.
Barry M
This is another great affordable brand and are renowned for their nail polish.
This has to be one of my favourite brands. I love their products and how they are completely natural. They stand by their morals to be cruelty free and are amazing quality.
Alba Botanics
This is another brand that I haven't tried out yet but it is a great alternative for cruelty free, natural skincare. You can find their products in Holland and Barrett and also online.
Original Source
I love this brand for their body washes. They are natural and smell amazing! Not to mention their products are also vegan.
Anastasia Beverly Hills
This is another brand I was surprised with and again I'm yet to try out their products. These are a great high end makeup option if you are trying to be cruelty free.
Eco Tools
This brand is my favourite for makeup brushes and I previously used them before I realised they were cruelty free. They use synthetic bristles so are also vegan!
I've spoken about this brand so many times before on my blog and I love them. They have amazing quality moisturizers that leave your skin feeling nourished, lovely and soft.
Real Techniques
These are another great alternative for makeup brushes. They do every brush you could possible need so you wouldn't even need to use a animal hair brush again.
Dr Organic
I've seen their products on the shelves of Holland and Barrett and have been really intrigued to try them out. They offer a range of different skin care items that are tailored to a wide range of skin types.
I hope this post as helped you out if you are trying to become cruelty free or are interested in trying more natural products.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Spring ASOS Wishlist

Seen as it is now officially spring and the fact that I haven't done a fashion wishlist I thought I would show you the current pieces that have caught my eye in ASOS. I'm pretty much relying on ASOS for shopping right now because revision means I don't have too much time to spend scanning the isles, so online shopping is my cure.

New Balance
Grey Maxi Dress
Denim Midi Skirt
Jersey Black Straight Leg Trousers
Girlfriend Denim Gilet
Striped Sundress
Bandana Print Trousers

The weather is finally warming up in the UK which means I can finally venture out of the house without my huge parker on, so can we have a amen. I have recently been looking to purchase more statement pieces for my wardrobe that makes my style a little more interesting than just a pair of black skinny jeans. Also, as you can see a lot of these pieces are for the warmer times of year and that is because I love the trends that are upcoming for this season, especially the 70's trend! However although I am wanting to currently purchase almost everything off ASOS, I have come to the realisation that for the next two months I will be wearing little else than pyjamas or my school uniform. Can the exams please be over already so I can enjoy summer and actually wear real clothes? Please tell me that I am not the only one living in my pyjamas revising?

Be sure to let me know some of the current trends that you are loving for the upcoming season? I always love browsing the shelves online!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Top Eye Brushes

I wouldn't say that I am the type of girl who would go out and spend ridiculous amounts on makeup brushes. Yes the quality has to be good, but there are many drugstore brushes you can find that in my opinion are just the ticket to the perfect brush. I thought I would share with you my top eye brushes in my collection that I use every time I wear makeup.
Real Techniques Base Shadow**
This brush is perfect for applying your eyeshadow. I either use it as a blending brush for my crease, as it is quite fluffy, or I use it to messily apply my base colour when I want to create a more laid back eye look. This brush is so versatile and you can use it to create an array of eye looks.
Amazon Random Brush
I was on the look out for a really fluffy blending brush that didn't cost an arm or a leg, so headed over to Amazon. I found a set of these brushes for a good price but didn't think they would succumb to much, however upon their arrival I was taken back by their quality! These brushes are some of the best quality I have tried! They don't shed and blend eye shadow beautifully. Unfortunately, I don't have the link but just search makeup brushes and I'm sure something similar will come up.
So Eco Angled Eyeliner**
Me being the rebel that I am bought this brush but don't use it for its chosen task. I don't use gel  eyeliner and so don't need the brush for it. However, this brush is great for your eyebrows when filling them in with eyeshadow. The thin brush allows you to be precise whilst keeping the shape of your eyebrows with the angled effect. Such an affordable brush that I use almost everyday!
Real Techniques Accent Brush**
When I am creating an eye look I love bringing down the shadow to my lower lash line and this is the brush I use for that. As it is so tiny it is perfect for creating a slight smokey effect with your eyeshadow. Also, because it is quite a dense brush it is perfect for packing on the eyeshadow to areas that you want to focus it.
EcoTools Base Shadow**
This is a brand of brushes that I love. There bristles are so soft and good quality you don't have to worry about shedding. I use this brush when I want a more focussed eye look on the base. It works great at packing on the colour and can also double up as a blending brush if you don't have one.
**These brushes marked with a double asterisk are cruelty free, using synthetic bristles.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mixing Vintage with Modern Looks



Jumper // Brandy Melville
Dress // Brandy Melville
Shoes // Office
Watch // Abbott Lyon*
Hat // Topshop
Blazer // Lily Vintage

It's been a long time since I have done an outfit post, and I do miss it. But with the combination of the unforgiving British weather and my lack of getting dressed properly on weekends due to school work led them to pretty much cease to exist. With the weather improving I hope to get out a few more outfit posts now although I cannot guarantee changing out on my comfy clothes on weekends.  I felt it necessary to showcase my vintage blazer from Lily Vintage because I have been wearing it almost with everything, whether it goes or not. I was on the look out for the perfect blazer for a while now and came across this one and instantly fell in love. It did initially have shoulder pads but I removed them because they made my shoulders look like they were going to stab someone's eye out! It is the perfect oversized fit that gives a gorgeous vintage feel to an outfit. I hope you are looking forward to (hopefully) seeing more outfit posts popping up!

*For £25 off any Abbott Lyon watch just use the code HarrisAL25 at the checkout