Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My Top Cruetly Free Brands

In my recent attempts to become more cruelty free I have been scouring the web looking for what bands are cruelty free ad what isn't. Those people that say if you are cruelty free you can't use any products are wrong. There are many great brands that are cruelty free that I actually found I already use.
Yes To
I love this brand and I already used the moisturizer in my skincare routine. I have now started using the shampoo and conditioner, as well as their cleaner and scrub. Their products are lovely and are made out of up to 98% natural ingredients. Yes to is a great affordable cruelty free option that you can find online or in Boots.
Two Faced
I was surprised to find that such a highly acclaimed makeup brand was cruelty free and although I have never used any of their products I thought it would be worth a mention because so many people do love it.
Barry M
This is another great affordable brand and are renowned for their nail polish.
This has to be one of my favourite brands. I love their products and how they are completely natural. They stand by their morals to be cruelty free and are amazing quality.
Alba Botanics
This is another brand that I haven't tried out yet but it is a great alternative for cruelty free, natural skincare. You can find their products in Holland and Barrett and also online.
Original Source
I love this brand for their body washes. They are natural and smell amazing! Not to mention their products are also vegan.
Anastasia Beverly Hills
This is another brand I was surprised with and again I'm yet to try out their products. These are a great high end makeup option if you are trying to be cruelty free.
Eco Tools
This brand is my favourite for makeup brushes and I previously used them before I realised they were cruelty free. They use synthetic bristles so are also vegan!
I've spoken about this brand so many times before on my blog and I love them. They have amazing quality moisturizers that leave your skin feeling nourished, lovely and soft.
Real Techniques
These are another great alternative for makeup brushes. They do every brush you could possible need so you wouldn't even need to use a animal hair brush again.
Dr Organic
I've seen their products on the shelves of Holland and Barrett and have been really intrigued to try them out. They offer a range of different skin care items that are tailored to a wide range of skin types.
I hope this post as helped you out if you are trying to become cruelty free or are interested in trying more natural products.



  1. Loved this post - I knew a few of these but it was great to discover some new ones. I went cruelty free in January and sometimes it can be hard to find alternatives, but all these are great brands.

    1. Thank you lovely! That's great, do you have any other brands?

      Georgia x

  2. Barry m is such a good makeup brand! You could buy all your makeup from there and it wouldn't be that hard! Isn't seventeen and NO7 cruelty free too?! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. I don't think no7 is I've not seen it on peta or other sites so I don't like to go for it unless it's been confirmed by them :)

      Georgia x

  3. It's great to see more affordable cruelty free brands. I love Original Source. It's such a good price and seriously wakes you up in the morning!!

    That Wise Lady

    1. Yes definitely especially the tee tree one!

      Georgia x

  4. this is a great post! I love lush and most of my beauty products come from them! thank you for educating us all!

    F x