Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Feeling Blue

The inner tom-boy in me comes out to play when I purchase a new blue nail polish. Blue shades are my favourite kind to wear on my nails and I'm not ashamed to admit how many bottles I own. The thing I love about blue nail polishes is that you can wear them all year around and there is no limit to the different shades you can get. To some it may seem ridiculous owning more than 2 blue nail polishes but to me they are all different, even though to others they may not seem very different. Blue nail polish is the perfect way to spice up a basic monochrome outfit and I find it to be a timeless colour. I thought I would share with you a few of my chosen favourite blue polishes.

Barry M Speedy 'Road Rage'
Essie 'Pret a Surfer'
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'
Barry M Gelly 'Huckleberry'

Why not let the inner tom-boy in you come out to play with a blue polish?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gallery Wall | Personal Project

Bunny Print // Little House Shop
G Print // Home Sense

I'm a lover of interior, there is no question about that and I am always wanting to switch up my room. Recently I've been wanting to make my room more personal and I have all of these photo frames lying around my room and I thought why not do something with them? I was scrolling the isles of pinterest and overcame a dozen images of gallery walls, so naturally thought that the solution to my problems. Step one to starting a gallery wall is of course choosing your wall and I have a rather plain looking wall in my room that my bed faces and saw it as the perfect fit. Then, is to gather your images, make them personal to you and then they will reflect your personality. I already had a range of images framed lying around my room. My favourite place to shop around for frames and individual prints is Home Sense, where I found this G and most of my frames from. I also have this print from the Little House Shop and I couldn't be more in love it. After gathering all of my materials I am now ready to begin my personal project of my gallery wall, who wants to join me?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Stripes and Sunflowers

You could say that the end of summer is near, the holidays are almost over and the shops are stocking the autumn goodies. Does that give me permission to wear jumpers 24/7 yet? Although it may nearly be autumn there is still summer in the air all be it the weather becoming colder. I paired together two outfits which are perfect for the transitioning period of our weather. They will keep you cool but also offer that extra layer to keep you warmer.

Outfit 1

You cannot go wrong with a striped item, am I right? This dress is perfect for summer and also with layers autumn. You could throw on a pair of boots with this outfit to give it a more autumnal vibe or sandals when summer is in full swing. Here I paired it with an oversized check shirt to layer and a pair of trainers that add a pop of colour to the outfit.

Dress // Sheinside*
Shirt // Urban Outfitters (no longer available)
Shoes // Nike

Outfit 2

The colours of this outfit scream autumn, but with the pieces I have chosen it also blends to a summer piece. The playsuit in this gorgeous sunflower print is great for summer days and when it becomes a little cooler throw on a neutral shade cardigan, the one I chose has an added detail of tassels which draw attention to the outfit. In the cooler months I become rather fond of my boots and practically live in them so when the cooler weather comes along it seems only appropriate to whip out said boots.

Playsuit // Romwe*
Cardigan // Primark
Shoes // Cat Boots

Are you more of a stripe girl or a sunflower girl?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What to Take on a Long Journey

The holiday season is well under way and with people trotting off around the globe, it is all about travelling. Whether it be abroad or nationally when travelling taking the right things with you to make you feel comfortable makes all the difference. I like to take things with me that keep me occupied on long haul journeys and these are the things I take with me when I go on a plane journey (I often get to travel sick in cars to not do much else other than sleep).

A Good Book
One way of drowning out the world of a long journey is to get absorbed in a good book. It's a great way to loose yourself and is also a great time passer. The book I am going to take with me is More Than This by Patrick Ness, and I chose this because I have heard many a good review on this by none other than John Green.

Taking any king of electrical item on opens up no end of options, you can use it to listen to music, watch videos and play games, candy crush anyone?

To drown out the crying babies maybe? Bringing your own headphones makes the journey a whole lot more pleasant. You can silence out all around you and enjoy your favourite songs or a good movie.

Game Console
This may be a little secret of mine but I am slightly obsessive gamer, especially with Mario Brothers. I love playing on my DS when I have a spare moment and what better time than when you're stuck with nowhere else to go?

Tropical Wonderland Colouring Book
I have to say I thought my days of colouring were over, but seeing these 'adult' colouring books everywhere recently made me want to pick up my old hobby. Colouring in these gorgeous patterns helps to take your mind off everything and help to relax you.

Makeup Bag
I like to carry just a few makeup products with me on a plane and I will be doing a post in the near future showing you my chosen products.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Aeroplane Beauty

The plane air can be harsh on our skin, the cold air conditioning can dry out our skin and suck out the remaining moisture leaving it dehydrated. In my carry on I like to carry products that will rehydrate my skin and also make it feel lifted and fresh whilst on the long haul journey.

On planes my hands and face become dry and cracked so a must for me is to carry moisturizer with me. I take a separate hand moisturizer that can be used on other dry patches, to a face moisturizer. Planes especially carry a lot of germs and I don't know about you but I don't want to get sick before my holiday. So to prevent this I take some hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean and germ free. Again, with the moisturizer I like to tend for my lips that also become dry in the harsh aeroplane air, so I take a lip balm and also Vaseline which is a multi use product that can be used on dry patches and eyelashes. I usually feel horrible and sticky on a long haul flight so I like to freshen up with deodorant. If the flight I am going on is especially long then I like to take a pair of gloves to wear on my hands with a dollop of moisturizer and this allows my hands to absorb it and prevent them cracking. I also take a muslim cloth, cotton bud and cotton pads in case I need them to take off makeup or to wash my face, so I feel more alive. Of course a girl with long hair needs her hair bands and clips, if I don't have these on me on a journey then rest assured I will rip out my hair in annoyance.

What is your aeroplane beauty?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Cartilage Piercing Experience

Being spontaneous is usually something I don't do, I am usually a planner. However about 2 weeks ago I decided to get my cartilage piercing after wanting it for what feel like for ever.

They say piercings are like tattoos, the thing is that once you get one, you want a dozen and that applies for me most definitely. Thanks to that I now want another 5 piercings, but unfortunately have to hold off for school and my parents. The actual process of getting my cartilage done wasn't as bad as expected. I had heard a lot about what goes on and the best ways to go about it. If you are planning to get any part of your cartilage pierced I recommend getting it done by a needle in a tattoo parlour. Getting it done with a gun in Claire's isn't the best and there is a high risk it may shatter your cartilage. The place I got it done wasn't like most tattoo parlours and was nice and clean, not overwhelming or scary like I admittedly thought it would be. In the lead up to going under the needle I was slightly nervous even though I am quite good with my needles. I told them where I wanted it pierced and then he marked it with a pen, the same they did when I had my lobes pierced. The man sanitized my ear and then bam, the needle was in. Not to make it sound dramatic but there was a needle sticking out of my needle for a good few seconds until they replaced it for the piercing bar. The pain out of 10 I would say was a 6, like I said before not nearly as bad a I first thought it would be. When you get a bone piercing you have to have a larger earring because there is a risk of swelling and also it makes it easier to clean. My ear did bleed slightly and I couldn't sleep on the side of my earring for a week or two. Keeping on top of cleaning is one of the most important thing because no one wants an infection. They say to use salt water however instead I used tea tree because it is a great anti-bacterial agent that helps keep your ear clean and infection away. I take some boiling water, add some tea tree and then clean the area of my ear with a cotton bud.

In the next weeks my ear was slightly tender and if I knocked it, it would lodge my earring and maybe bleed, however would soon clean up. The only bug bare I have now with my ear on the road to recovery is that the large earring loves to get stuck in my hair now and then, but I'd have to say it is all worth it because I love the way it looks and cannot wait to get a few more in the near future. If you are interested in getting your cartilage done I would say to go for it! but a little warning I give you will go in there wanting one piercing and come out wanting another 10 (slight exaggeration maybe).

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Food Favourites

It's no secret I'm a lover of food and I always enjoy experimenting with different food to create new food favourites. Today I thought I would share a different kind of post and share with yu a few of my current favourite foods that I just can't stop eating.

Sweet Potato
I swear I always am craving sweet potato, I could pair it with everything baring in mind that it is a dinner food and I wouldn't go pairing it with chocolate now. But anything sweet potato mash, chips or jacket it all tastes amazing as well as contains added nutrients.

Ice Tea
Why have hot tea when you can have iced tea. It becomes a favourite of mine in the warmer summer months. I love all kinds of iced tea but especially the Arizona selection.

Pukka Lemon and Mandarin Tea
Saying I wasn't a hot tea lover was a slight misinterpretation, so fear not I am a true fellow Briton and do enjoy a good cup of lemon and mandarin tea by pukka or a green tea.

Not much to say about pineapple other than me being a lover of fruit.

Okay now this food I could probably eat with every meal bar breakfast. Corn on the cob has become one of my most recent obsessions for the summer months and it is the perfect barbeque food.

Brazil Nuts
With my breakfast I love to enjoy porridge although by itself can be a little bland, so I like to pair it with a selection of goodies one being brazil nuts.

I first got into quinoa when I tried the superfood quinoa salad at Jamie's, it tastes amazing in a stir fry and salads. The great thing about quinoa is it is amazing for you with lots of added benefits.

Goji Berries
When I mentioned liking to add things porridge I also love to add goji berries to it. They add sweetness to the porridge and also taste amazing on their own.

Again another food I could eat with every meal. I love having avocado on toast and using it as a replacement to butter because I'm not overly keen on it. Avocado goes great with smoked salmon as well as poached egg.

Monday, 3 August 2015

What is in my Summer Bag

A new season, a new insight into my bag and this time a new bag too (eeek) I bought a new bag for summer from the Next sale, it seems a plain brown bag at first peak but with a closer inspection there is a secret pop of colour. I love this bag and it goes perfectly with every outfit I wear it with. In my bag I usually carry around  the same sort of items but sometimes switch up a few items depending on seasons.

These are of course a necessity for the summer months and my current chosen pair are from Dorothy Perkins.

Lip colours
What would a what's in my bag be without a few choices of lip colours and of course I stick to my nude shades here with Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in 'Nudist' and Mac's 'Crème Cup'.

Two lipbalms are what all girls need in their bags right? Of course it is. I'm not sure why I have two lipbalms in my bag, I guess I just keep putting them in my bag and forgetting they are in there.

Hand Cream
This Palmers hand cream is a current favourite of mine and it works wonders for my skin, if I have any dry patches this clears it right up.

Hair Clip
In the summer long hair can be a bit of a bug bare, and most days I just want to chuck it up and out of my face. Carrying around a hair clip can actually prove quite useful.

Hand Sanitizer
Hair Bobbles
Chewing Gum

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my bag, I'm sure we can all admit that we are nosey when it comes to this sort of thing and that's nothing to be ashamed of!