Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stila in the Garden | Review

I love TK Max at the best of times but my love grows when I find discount makeup! For instance a week ago I found that my local TK Max had started stocking Stila, and I have always wanted to try it out. I took this as my opportunity. I found this Stila 'In the Garden' palette for just £11that retails for £25, yes £25 but it was in amazing condition and so I scooped it into my shopping basket. I have always heard so much abut the Stila eye shadows and their formulation so I was desperate to try it out.

This palette is a mixture of beautiful shades, that transition for warm to cool tones. The greens and golden browns in this palette make it a perfect one for autumn and all eye shades. With this palette you can create looks that resemble the autumn leaves, what's not to love? Admittedly, I thought the greens would be a shade to steer clear of. Colour on my eyes throws me back to the age of 10 when I rocked a blue eye shadow look, just me? But these green shades are a perfect way to add a subtle hint of colour to your usual eye look. The good things I had heard about these shadows didn't let me down, they are gorgeously pigmented and creamy. Because of how creamy they are the blend beautifully, creating a effortless green smokey eye or neutral natural look. The options with this palette are endless and their are options for everyone. Whether you like colour on your eyes or are most of a neutral girl.

My favourite shades from the palette I have been wearing as my everyday look (expect a makeup monthly soon) are; 'Sage', a gorgeous pale khaki; 'Breeze', a perfect champagne; 'Bark', a cool taupe shade and 'Honey' which is that perfect gold shade.

Admittedly there are shades in this palette like any I feel I will never come to use, no matter their beauty I may have a slight phobia of dark eye colours, feeling I may end up like a clown. Green may be a subtle colour, but the blue shade 'Fressia' and 'Rosette' I feel I may never have a use for though beautiful they are.

So in conclusion if there are some makeup items on your wishlist that are slightly out of your price range then pop into your local Tk Maxx or discount store, because sometimes you can find some little gems.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Oil for Oily Skin?

Now when your like me and suffer from the curses of oily skin, putting an oil on top of that can seem rather a no-go. 'NO MORE OIL' your mind may scream. But in fact even oily skin can be dehydrated and although it may seem second nature to leave out the hydration steps of your skin care to avoid more oil, that could in fact make it worse.

Serums and facial oils are used for hydration on the skin, and believe it or not, dry skin isn't the only type that can become dehydrated. I know first hand that with oily skin your reaction is to go for mattifying products and forgetting those oil cleansers, going for the foaming, acne cleansers. STOP. Don't forget all skin types need moisture and using all of those stripping cleansers will strip your skin, actually making it produce more oil in order to hydrate itself. As for those mattifying moisturisers they don't do much in the hydration department. The best bet for oily skin is to use products with targeted oily skin that aren't stripping. If you suffer from spots steer clear of the foaming cleansers and opt for on oil base with spot zapping alternatives such as low concentrates of salicylic acid. HYDRATE. Even oily skin needs some love and hydration. After you've cleansed you should apply a serum or facial oil to your skin, this will help to repair damaged areas as well as improve scarring and brighten your skin. If you find a heavy oil to much for your skin, try lighter alternatives, you can even get serums targeted for oily skin like the L'Oreal Rebalancing Oil. Follow that up with a moisturiser targeted for your skin type, nothing mattifying though. And voila!

So then, oil for oily skin? Yes.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cover and Conceal or Enhance That Natural Glow?

I feel in todays society it is a common misconception to cover up your imperfections and conceal your natural glow in heavy coverage foundation and concealer.

But why cover up your features that make you unique?

 Maybe you cover up your freckles because you don't like them, or your spots because they make you feel insecure. When in the real world we are all born with 'imperfections', not all are blessed with the flawless skin you see slapped in every media post. Makeup can make you feel more confident about yourself, yes. But once in a while it is good to enhance your natural glow and instead of cover up your skin, let it breathe. I am an admittedly a confessed non-makeup wearer on the majority of days, and when I don't like to wear makeup I like to take extra care of my skin because I know its going to be on show with no where to hide. So I thought I would show you a few of my favourite products that do just that.

A Serum
I always apply a serum overnight as it helps to repair my skin. I end up waking up in the morning with my skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing. My current go to serum is the Palmers Facial Oil.

If in the morning you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a dead looking person staring back at you but are too lazy to put on a full face of makeup try applying a little highlighter. It will make your face appear more awake and look brighter by accentuating your natural features.

A Light Base
If you don't feel comfortable going out without a little makeup, although I am a full believer in rocking your natural look, why not try a light base that will cover up slight blemishes but still keep your look natural. Glossier offer some great products that give a ultra lightweight makeup look that will give you a natural dewy finish.

This may seem like a strange favourite for natural beauty but honestly this can be a life saver. Vaseline can be such a multi use product, but I actually use it for moisturising my eyelashes. I find that when I actually remember to do this my eyelashes over time end up looking a lot fuller and healthier, as a result of I usually end up using less mascara in the long run.

A stereotypical Georgia move. I am always applying lip balm, I get it from my mum. I often skip the lipstick stage of my makeup routine and just go ahead and throw on some low maintenance lipbalm.

Honestly, I love expressing myself with makeup but as I'm getting older I am growing towards the more natural looks where I prefer to show more skin, using less concealer, unless there is a mountain growing on my face (an exception always) But do what you feel most comfortable with.

More Skin
Less Makeup

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Palmers Facial Oil | Review

Serum is sort of a new step to my skincare routine and they aren't something I have really explored before. I have always used the same one, so when my previous serum ran out I saw it as a chance to test out a new one.

I eventually decided on the Palmers Face Oil, mainly because currently serums aren't something I want to spend a lot of money on and this was £10 from Tesco, secondly, I love the Palmers as a brand so I was quietly confident it wouldn't fail me now. I love how this palmers oil is full of 10 natural oils along with vitamin C, cocoa butter and retinol. The cocoa butter and oils help to moisturize and smooth scars and even out uneven skin tones and the vitamin C and retinol brightens and tones your skin.

When I applied the serum the first thing that hit my was its scent, like all products it smells almost exactly like cocoa and I am not complaining. I love palmers products and have had great experiences in the past so you could say I had high hopes for this. I massaged around 4 drops of the oil into my skin after I had cleansed, toned and applied my eye cream.  It is quite a heavy oil compared to my previous one, but immediately after I the oil had sunk into my skin it felt hydrated and nourished. In the morning when I woke up my skin still felt nice and moisturized and after looking in the mirror at my morning face, when my skin would usually look dead and tired, I am pleased to say I was surprised. My skin looked healthy and glowing after just the one use of the oil, my face felt plump and rejuvenated. After a week of me using this serum I have noticed my scars from spots have begun to fade and also my skin tone appears more even with less redness. Maybe I have found my new holy grail skin care item.

If you are on the look out for a new serum and suffer from dehydrated, uneven skin, I recommend this product to you and wish you good luck in testing it out.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

5 Things | Autumn Lips

A question I ask myself on a near to everyday basis is, am I brave enough to wear a bold lip today? sadly often the answer to that question ends up being no. But that certainly doesn't stop me proudly wearing one around the house when I've got nothing else to do, I can't be the only one who does that? So today as most seem to be in the autumn spirit, I thought I would share with you my 5 chosen autumn lip colours.

Rimmel Kate Moss '107'
Rimmel Kate Moss '30'
Revlon 'Black Cherry'
Mac 'Velvet Teddy'
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipliner 'Black Tulip'

I think it's safe to say that if you're a new comer to the bold side of the lip colour spectrum then start of safe and use a lip liner. That way the colour you use won't bleed and it actually makes it easier to apply and the colour last longer. Although the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks already have an amazing staying power as they are more of a matte finish, Revlon's 'Black Cherry' is a lot more on the glossier side and is harder to maintain during the day, so keep it in your handbag!

Autumn doesn't always have to be about the berry's and deep red lips, there's nothing stopping you rocking a darker 70's nude that is bang on trend. I love 'Velvet Teddy' by Mac and often find myself wearing it on a day to day basis when I'm not brave enough to walk out with a dark shade on my lips. As much as I love the shades of Black Cherry and 107 I am too scared to wear them, I'm scared of people judging me and them not suiting me when really I shouldn't worry what others think of me and rock it whatever. So if your feeling 'meh' about walking out in public with red paint slathered on your lips just think how little others will actually care.

Steps to wearing a bold lip:
1.  Apply your boldest of choices.
2. Walk out the door.
3. Don't care what others think as they stare at the amazing-ness that is your lips.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

An Autumn Wishlist | Topshop

Well is it now appropriate to do an autumn wishlist? I have been waiting for the autumn and winter clothing to arrive since it left. There is no doubt in the fact that I am a autumn lover, maybe having something to do with the fact I was born in October? Who could resist the autumn mustard's, burgundy's and khaki's? These finds in Topshop have had me drooling these past few days, but trying to save my money isn't a good solution.

Suede Jacket
Slouchy Patterned Trousers
Crochet Top
Slouch Neck Jumper
Oversized Denim Shirt
Dessert Boots

All this years autumn trends are about bold autumnal colours, paired with crochet and suede accents, carrying on the popular summer trends. I'd best describe my style as being casual, boho, I do love a good white flowy top and a pair of boots. I've been on the look out for a few of these pieces for a while now especially the perfect denim shirt and dessert boots. I love how with a denim shirt you can throw it on and be out the door, it is also a perfect piece for layering. Dessert boots for me give a more casual look to an outfit over a structured Chelsea boot and that's what I like about them. It would be a wish list of mine without a white flowy top now would it? Even in the autumn months you can get away with wearing these, it is all about the layering. And of course what is autumn without a new jumper to add to your growing collection? Now the last two pieces are 'love them or hate them' pieces. For some reason unknown to myself I am currently loving these patterned trousers, I have an image of them being paired with either a jumper or white top and a pair of white converse creating a perfect boho, laid back look. Also this suede jacket. After trying one similar in Next I have made it my mission for my next jacket purchase to be suede. I feel like it adds a lot of texture and interest to an outfit, as well as suede being bang on trend.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Autumn Rustic Copper | Makeup Monthly


After the first of september finally rolled around declaring that autumn is officially here in Britain, I thought it seemed fitting to kick start the autumn spirit with a rustic copper eye look. I achieved this autumn appropriate look with just one eye shadow so it is perfect for an on the go, 5 minute makeup look.

Products Used
Maxfactor Eye Shadow 'Feral Brown'
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer '15'
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 'Transparent'
Mac Lipstick 'Hue'

This look is super simple and perfect for the autumn time because it is inspired by the traditional autumnal shades. You could whip this look up in five minutes, because its a one eye shadow eye look. I applied the Maxfactor eye shadow all over my lid roughly to give it a messy look and then I blended it out into my crease to soften the look. The copper tone of eye shadow is a perfect shade for people with blue eyes as it helps to emphasize them and really makes them pop. I topped the look of with a touch of mascara and eyeliner and that's it for the eyes. As summer is over, I want to keep the bronze look that my tan gave me when I went away, so I applied a little bronzer onto the apples of my cheeks and temples to give me an all over bronze look. As the eye's are quite intense I completed the look with a nude lip from Mac.

That concludes this simple but beautiful autumnal eye look. Let me know if your as excited for the colder months as I am?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Portugal | Travel Diaries


The thing I enjoy most about travelling is the new landscapes and surroundings you witness. I love documenting those that I visit and creating photographic memories that will last forever. This summer I visited Portugal, and although I have been to the Spanish islands I have never stepped across the borders. But I was surely excitedto be visiting a new country and learning of the different cultures to our own.

We stayed in Villamoura in the Algarve of Portugal and it was a beautiful setting. Every night we went down to the marina to dine and explore. It was buzzing with night life and not to mention sea life with over 500 boats moured up along the site. Talking of dining it seems fitting to discuss another favourite part of travel of mine that is the food. I get enjoyement from trying out different traditional dishes and since we were by the sea, I tried a heck ofa lot of seafood and devoured them all. I feel it mandatory for me on when abroad to consume my body weight in Italian ice cream and Lipton iced tea and this holiday was no exception.

As for activities, we spent most of our time relaxing in the sun making the most of the warmer weather before the colder months were upon us. Even though we spent our time laying in the sun and cooling off in the pool, I of course as a fellow pale person burnt easier than I tanned (pale people problems) and gained a few hundred new freckles. On two of the days we visited the local beaches, one being in Portimao, which was a beautiful beach lined in rocks and caves. Another day we visited a park called Zoomarine which is a aquarium, come waterpark, come zoo. We watched a beautiful dolphin show as well as seeing some gorgeous tropical birds. Out of the blue we decided to visit a sand sculpture show were there were outstanding sculptures on different musical aspects including the west end and Disney.

We spent the majority of the rest of our trip exploring different locations, enjoying the food and culture. Of course I didn't want the trip to end and have to face the stress of this coming school year but it has to happen. Until the next journey.