Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cover and Conceal or Enhance That Natural Glow?

I feel in todays society it is a common misconception to cover up your imperfections and conceal your natural glow in heavy coverage foundation and concealer.

But why cover up your features that make you unique?

 Maybe you cover up your freckles because you don't like them, or your spots because they make you feel insecure. When in the real world we are all born with 'imperfections', not all are blessed with the flawless skin you see slapped in every media post. Makeup can make you feel more confident about yourself, yes. But once in a while it is good to enhance your natural glow and instead of cover up your skin, let it breathe. I am an admittedly a confessed non-makeup wearer on the majority of days, and when I don't like to wear makeup I like to take extra care of my skin because I know its going to be on show with no where to hide. So I thought I would show you a few of my favourite products that do just that.

A Serum
I always apply a serum overnight as it helps to repair my skin. I end up waking up in the morning with my skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing. My current go to serum is the Palmers Facial Oil.

If in the morning you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a dead looking person staring back at you but are too lazy to put on a full face of makeup try applying a little highlighter. It will make your face appear more awake and look brighter by accentuating your natural features.

A Light Base
If you don't feel comfortable going out without a little makeup, although I am a full believer in rocking your natural look, why not try a light base that will cover up slight blemishes but still keep your look natural. Glossier offer some great products that give a ultra lightweight makeup look that will give you a natural dewy finish.

This may seem like a strange favourite for natural beauty but honestly this can be a life saver. Vaseline can be such a multi use product, but I actually use it for moisturising my eyelashes. I find that when I actually remember to do this my eyelashes over time end up looking a lot fuller and healthier, as a result of I usually end up using less mascara in the long run.

A stereotypical Georgia move. I am always applying lip balm, I get it from my mum. I often skip the lipstick stage of my makeup routine and just go ahead and throw on some low maintenance lipbalm.

Honestly, I love expressing myself with makeup but as I'm getting older I am growing towards the more natural looks where I prefer to show more skin, using less concealer, unless there is a mountain growing on my face (an exception always) But do what you feel most comfortable with.

More Skin
Less Makeup


  1. Such a great post! I wish I could apply it to myself a little more, but I have such terrible skin that I have to wear full coverage or I can't leave the house! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. Thank you lovely, do what you are most comfortable with!

      Georgia x

  2. When I'm having good skin days I usually just wear a BB cream, but at the moment I am loving wearing foundation and concealer because I just got some new RT brushes and they make my skin look amazing aha! You're right though, it is good to have days of wearing little to no makeup as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I personally hate the feel of foundation! I'm not sure why! But I do love a good RT brush, although I admittedly apply face products with my hands :)

      Georgia x