Sunday, 29 March 2015

Little Ways To A Healthier Lifestyle

A happy body = a happy mind, or so they say. Truth be told until recently I myself wasn't the healthiest of people, however I have made small changes to my lifestyle that I feel have made a big difference to me.

1. Eat healthier

It doesn't have to be salad after salad, followed by fruit and water. Have fun with it. I personally love fruit and switched up my snacks of biscuits previous to a large bowl full of fruits. Experimenting and finding new foods is the beauty of this, I have recently kindled a love for quinoa, sushi, avocado and rye bread since making these changes. There are so many food options waiting for discovery and if you're stuck for ideas places like pinterest offer amazing recipes.

2. Exercise little and often

If you're like me and in no way could run for Britain, then using the method of exercising little bits but often is a great alternative. Doing cardio interval training helps to pace you out and improves your stamina. Other methods are things such as pilaties or yoga, they offer moderate exercises that help to tone up your body and improve your over all fitness level. I personally prefer to work out at home because the gym is a little out of my price range and this way I can do what I want where I want. I try to work out 4 times or more a week but that can vary to half an hour to just 10 minutes, it all counts.

3. Don't cut out everything

What's mainly associated with being healthy is 'low fat' and 'low carb'. When in fact everything is good for you in moderation and those elements shouldn't be eliminated from your diet. To achieve a healthy diet you must eat a substantial amount of each food group in correct portions. It's commonly misunderstood that restricting is a method to being healthy but this isn't the case and you should simply nourish your body with good foods that are high protein and low in saturated fats and unnatural sugars.

4. Treat yourself

It can seem odd saying to yourself "I'll just have one slice of cake" when you're on a health kick, when in fact if you were to completely cut out all foods you love from your diet you will end up craving them more and may end up binging on them. Treating yourself little on those treat foods you love can help subdue those cravings and over time you'll become used to it. In all honesty I wouldn't cope without a little bit of chocolate now and then.

5. Take time for yourself

A simple step that can make all this difference. Taking time to yourself in the day whether it be in the bath or painting your nails can help you reconnect with yourself and you will have time to think.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mac Hue | Review

Yes, here you do witness yet another Mac lipstick that may have fallen into the hands of my Mac lipstick collection and yes it may be another nude shade.

Mac's 'Hue' was on my to buy list for Mac lipsticks for a while as I had heard so many good things about it. Previous to all my Mac lipsticks this shade is a nude that is perfect for everyday wear and will pull together any look. This particular shade is a little more on the lighter side of a lipstick I'd usually go for and it was that reason that intrigued me.

I had the thought that it would completely wash me out or give that 'concealed' lip look, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Being a glaze finish it is quite sheer shade that is buildable. The colour is a toned down pink shade leaning towards a peach shade, it gives your lips that little bit extra to complete any look. Like all the Mac lipsticks I have tried it isn't drying at all and adds moisture to your lips without sinking into and accentuating the fine lines.

Overall this lipstick is a new favourite of mine that has always made it into my make up routine as of late.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Instagram Outfits

Outfit posts on here are a kind that have recently been lacking on the blog unfortunately, I hope them to resume soon. However a place where you can see my style in sights and daily dosage's of fashion is over on my Instagram. I tend to post my outfits of the day's over on that platform and I thought a good post idea to makeup for the lack of fashion recently would be to combine all of my recent outfit posts and compile them into one post.

Outfit 1

Top // Hollister (no longer available)
Jeans // Topshop
Shoes // Shoe Zone (similar)

Outfit 2

Sweater // Brandy Melville
Jeans // Topshop
Rings // Pandora
Hat // Topshop
Shoes // Office
Outfit 3


Top // Brandy Melville
Skirt // Forever 21
Shoes // Steve Madden
Watch // Micheal Kors
Rings // Boho Moon
Hat // Topshop

Outfit 4

Top // Brandy Mellville
Jacket // American Eagle (no longer available)
Jeans // Topshop
Shoes // Vans (no longer available)
Outfit 5
Top // Zara
Bralette // Jack Wills (no longer available)
Shirt // Jack Wills (no longer available)
Jeans // Topshop
Shoes // Office

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interior Wishlist

From throws to lights, interior is the thing that interests me. I am always browsing through Pinterest looking out at different styles and how to incorporate them. Caused by this scrolling through Pinterest I have a healthy wishlist of interior pieces that I want to possess and apply into my room.

Looking back over how interior has changed over time really is something. The different textures and styles that have inspired so many looks and how like fashion they come in and out of time.

Light Up Neon Letter

This is something that has remained on my list for some time. I like the feel this gives to a room and places on a bare wall can add a personal touch in a stylish manner.

Stand Alone Clothing Rack

Maybe not quite as seen in the image, but a independent clothing rack would come in handy mainly because of the fact that my wardrobe is over flowing! These in your room can add a personal touch with your own style peeking through.

Unique Frames

I'm not talking the plain oak finish frames you can get anywhere, the frames that have caught my eye are all unique with a boho feel to them, none are identical. A place I have found to house endless amounts is Home Sense or TKMaxx.

Glass Trinket Box

I adore these brass lined boxes and love how you can see into the box but yet keep the clutter at bay.

Decorative Throws

I do love a good blanket, which is the main reason why I want to fill my bed with them! I would love to get my hands on a grey Herrington style one.

Pillows and More Pillows

Am I right in saying you can never have too many pillows? Like throws they are a thing that I want to fill my bed in and just hibernate the days away in a cozy cocoon.

Vintage Suitcases

These offer as great storage solutions without being the ugly bulky kind. They add a vintage touch to a room with character.

Pendant Light

These pieces give an industrial/retro feel to a room. They add an authentic feel, especially the glass ones where you are able to see the bulb through it.

Edison Bulb

A pendant light would not be complete without a good old fashioned Edison bulb. With these retro bulbs you are able to see the naked wire and interior of the bulb.


For some time now crates have been featured many a time over on Pinterest. They make for good storage solutions whilst remaining style about them.

White Bedding

A simple touch to a room which can dramatically improve it. The white sheets will make a room appear larger and cleaner, just be careful to not spill tea on it!

I hope you have gained something from reading this post whether it be a hefty shopping list or a spark of inspiration. Interior Design is something that I am passionate about and I would love to further express that in future posts

Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Magical Mascara

A mascara to me may add a little volume and a bit of length to go with it but nothing much else. But The Mascara by Benefit 'Roller Lash' truly is magical.

Although only a sample size out of an Elle magazine this little mascara does not disappoint. It comes with a small, precise plastic wand that is able to grip a hold of your lashes to give them the best curl. It has small bristles which you can feel holding onto your lashes as you wiggle it through. The Benefit Roller Lash adds amazing length to your lashes and they appear a lot fuller after application. I noticed when using this how better my lashes were able to hold a curl without drooping throughout the day.

I cannot wait to get hold of the full size of the Roller Lash and it may be a new favourite of mine. If you have the chance to you should definitely grab it while you can.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

2 Ingredient Ice Cream


3 Small Bananas
200ml Almond Milk


1. Slice up the 3 small bananas.
2. Place them in a plastic sealant bag and into the freezer, leave them over night.
3. The next day take them take out of the freezer.
4. Add small amounts of the milk and bananas into a blender and blend.
5. Continue adding the milk until the ice cream is your desired consistency,  then scoop out the banana ice cream.
6. Serve up.

This banana ice cream is a healthy alternative and I can assure you its just as good as the real thing. If you would prefer another flavour then you can switch up the frozen bananas for another fruit. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and try it out.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Neutrals and Golds

If I'm honest it was only recently I hopped onto the neutral nails train, before that I got bored of all colours. However now I coat my nails in greys, pale nudes and whites all day.

My recent discovered combination to wear on my nails is a pale nude and gold overcoats. Both from Barry M, the Gelly High Shine in 'Coconut' and the Aquarium line in 'Treasure Chest, these two colours have become a recent staple in my nail shades. Looking back a few months ago I would not have gone near glitter top coats, but there's something about this one that drew me to it, paired with the many neutral shades I own.

It's a step up from wearing a plain colour as you get the hint of sparkle with the gold, but it still remains simple and effortless. This nail combo will go with any outfit as of its neutral tones. The lasting power of both of these polishes is amazing, but I'm sure you're aware the nightmare it is to remove glitter polishes, not fun. Although I would say it is worth it for that little amount of sparkle to your nails.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Closet Wishlist

You may be able to tell by now from the many hauls and wishlists I have posted that I like fashion, a lot. Fashion is a way of expression through your own personal style. No matter how hard I attempt to restrict myself I always manage to gather up a wishlist of fashion items.

Burgundy Doc Martens

I am  a Doc Martens girl through and through, I own two already. The burgundy pair have failed to be removed of my wishlist for a while now and I have a feeling they may be in my wardrobe soon. I love the touch Doc Martens give to an outfit, they add a hint of grunge whilst keeping the outfit structured.


Yes I already own a fair few hats including fedora's, although that is no need to say I don't wish for more. I would love to get my hands on a burgundy colour (sense a pattern yet?) also perhaps a tan colour. I think that a hat can really complete a look and pull together any outfit. Also I do already have a black shade and a khaki, so one more can't hurt?


I myself have never truly been a dress girl, but when the warmer months come I find myself stuck in shorts where I much rather be wearing a flowy dress. I have seen a few I like from Urban Outfitters in styles I think suit me best. Dresses are easily styled and only need to be thrown on with a pair of shoes, then you're ready to go. Next time I go shopping I may have to pick up the one from Urban if my bank account allows it.

Baggy Tee's

These are something you cannot go wrong with. They are a basic staple piece that can be worn with anything. On my lust list are a few from Brandy Melville, they offer amazing basics that keep an outfit remaining casual.

Grey Flats

This pair of flats from Next are my new found love. These will be perfect in the coming warmer months paired with jeans and a plain tee. They are simplistic and yet stand out from an outfit because of the light colour and white soles.

White Shirt

Again a basic piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe and yet I fail to. This simple white button down can be added to a minimal outfit to add texture and a professional finish.

Those are the current items on my wishlists. I hope you enjoyed a little in sight into my current lusts and hopefully some may make it into my wardrobe in the near future.