Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interior Wishlist

From throws to lights, interior is the thing that interests me. I am always browsing through Pinterest looking out at different styles and how to incorporate them. Caused by this scrolling through Pinterest I have a healthy wishlist of interior pieces that I want to possess and apply into my room.

Looking back over how interior has changed over time really is something. The different textures and styles that have inspired so many looks and how like fashion they come in and out of time.

Light Up Neon Letter

This is something that has remained on my list for some time. I like the feel this gives to a room and places on a bare wall can add a personal touch in a stylish manner.

Stand Alone Clothing Rack

Maybe not quite as seen in the image, but a independent clothing rack would come in handy mainly because of the fact that my wardrobe is over flowing! These in your room can add a personal touch with your own style peeking through.

Unique Frames

I'm not talking the plain oak finish frames you can get anywhere, the frames that have caught my eye are all unique with a boho feel to them, none are identical. A place I have found to house endless amounts is Home Sense or TKMaxx.

Glass Trinket Box

I adore these brass lined boxes and love how you can see into the box but yet keep the clutter at bay.

Decorative Throws

I do love a good blanket, which is the main reason why I want to fill my bed with them! I would love to get my hands on a grey Herrington style one.

Pillows and More Pillows

Am I right in saying you can never have too many pillows? Like throws they are a thing that I want to fill my bed in and just hibernate the days away in a cozy cocoon.

Vintage Suitcases

These offer as great storage solutions without being the ugly bulky kind. They add a vintage touch to a room with character.

Pendant Light

These pieces give an industrial/retro feel to a room. They add an authentic feel, especially the glass ones where you are able to see the bulb through it.

Edison Bulb

A pendant light would not be complete without a good old fashioned Edison bulb. With these retro bulbs you are able to see the naked wire and interior of the bulb.


For some time now crates have been featured many a time over on Pinterest. They make for good storage solutions whilst remaining style about them.

White Bedding

A simple touch to a room which can dramatically improve it. The white sheets will make a room appear larger and cleaner, just be careful to not spill tea on it!

I hope you have gained something from reading this post whether it be a hefty shopping list or a spark of inspiration. Interior Design is something that I am passionate about and I would love to further express that in future posts


  1. I love homeware things at the moment especially in white as I'm really into the minimalistic vibe. I just posted my homeware wish list on my blog today, I was definitely inspired by all white. My ideal room would be all white with copper or Rose gold accent pieces :)
    Dalal xox,

    1. Minimalist is the road I'm looking to go down to! That is my exact dream room.

      Georgia x

  2. Love this! I really want a neon light too x

  3. So much perfect interior inspo! Makes me really wish I had my own place to decorate!
    Rachel Coco