Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | New On The Market

Hello everyone and welcome to another 'new on the market' post. This one is based around a UK dupe for Bioderma and it's the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water that was released earlier this year. You can get this from supermarkets and drugstores such as Boots for an affordable price of £4.99. This product has recently become a major part in my skincare routine and I enjoy using it.

Cleansing waters are supposed to be as gentle as water and able to deep cleanse your skin, remove makeup and even tone. With their multipurpose uses and benefits for the skin they are becoming increasingly popular to use and more and more brands are releasing them.

This cleansing water is one of the first to hit UK stores and I am sure other brands will be soon to follow. I personally myself haven't tried Bioderma, but I have heard many other bloggers saying how this is the UK equivalent and considering Bioderma is so hard to get your hands on I thought I would try it out. I use this to remove my face makeup, it is a really gentle product perfect for all skin types, as its hypoallergenic it's especially good for sensitive skin which is what I have. I take it on a cotton pad and wipe it over my face and it removes any traces of makeup. I enjoy this product as it isn't greasy on your skin like most makeup removers and doesn't leave a residue, it feels like water however it still does good for your skin. This cleansing water, like all the others, has multiple uses, you can use it as a makeup remover, cleanser and toner. This product doesn't irritate my skin and leave it feeling dry, which I found my simple makeup remover wipes did. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. As it is like water it also helps to prevent breakouts, as you are reducing the amount of chemicals on your skin, my skin has overall been left feeling a lot healthier than before, it also doesn't cause my skin to breakout and I felt it to actually soothe active blemishes that I had.

Although I wouldn't say this is a miracle product that works wonders I still really enjoy to use this product and will continue to over time. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


  1. Love your blog! Always looks so beautiful! :3

  2. I'm a huge fan of bioderma but I feel it's so expensive for what you're actually buying. im so excited to try this!

  3. I've just bought this, it's definitely much better than the l'oreal version!

    Kim .x.