Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Manicure | Spring Clean

Our nails can get neglected from time to time and will need a bit of a pamper. If I don't tend to my nails frequently they tend to get very brittle and peel of easily. So this Spring you should get out the nail file and give abit of time to your nails.

When doing my nails I firstly take off any nail polish I had on previous. For that I use the Bourjous Dissolvant Miraculeux, which is so quick and easy. You just twist your finger in the pot, take it out and your nail polish has gone! It also contains almond oil so it's super moisturizing for your nails too.

If my nails are slightly long I will then trim them down and file down any uneven edges. I prefer my nails to be rounded off instead of squared.

I then like to move onto the exciting part: choosing the colour. I always take forever deciding over the colour of which to paint my nails. But seen as it's Spring I wanted to go for something pastel, and in the end settled for a pastel purple; this one is by Revlon in the shade 'Charming'. I will apply two coats of polish until it is fully opaque.

Then comes the annoying part: waiting for them to dry... It seems like forever if I'm honest. You have to sit there and do nothing just in case you smudge all of your hard work. But I still manage to smear the polish no matter how still I sit.

Once it's all dried, I will then finish everything off with a top coat to seal everything in and prevent the polish from chipping (which still manages to happen somehow?) I use this Rimmel top coat which gives a salon sheen to your nails and keeps them from chipping for a couple of days at least. 

Finally I will apply a cuticle cream to moisturize my cuticles to stop then cracking.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to stay tuned for my next one.  


  1. I really like that color. It completely represents spring :)

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