Saturday, 29 March 2014

March Q&A

Hello everyone! I realised it has been a while since I did a Q&A on my blog so I figured I would do another one for you. I asked you all to ask me questions on Instagram and now I'll be answering them.

Favourite clothing items?
That's really hard! But I would probably choose my Topshop black Leigh Jeans, my Homies South Central top and my Brandy Melville black and white striped top. 

Who is your idol?
My idol is Demi Lovato, she is so inspiring. I look up to her for the fact that she has been through so much and keeps going and for her work with helping young girls with their insecurities.

Favourite TV show?
If you would have asked me this a few months ago I would have struggled with the answer, but now there is only one option: Pretty Little Liars.

Your close friends?
Pip, Christine, Lydia, Natalie *cough* *cough*, Harriet, Grace (even though she's my cousin), They are all amazing!!I don't know what I would do without them.

Favourite high street shop?
Probably Topshop although I do really like Forever 21 at the moment, it's super affordable and all of their stuff is really nice.

Do you think yourself as stylish and fashionable?
I would like to think I was stylish, but if I'm honest I tend to wear what I want whether it's in style or not. So I don't know?

Three Makeup items you can't live without?
My Maybelline the rocket mascara, the Maybelline fit me concealer and the natural collection eye shadow duo in mocha/latte which I sue to fill in my eyebrows.

What was the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Overcome my anorexia.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
I was going to be all healthy and say like fruit, but then I realised I couldn't live without Hobnobs biscuits!

Why did you first start your themed Instagram?
I first started it because I was following so many themed accounts and wanted mine to be the same, and I have had it for eight months now.

Favourite YouTuber?
Zoella (of course) Velvetghost, Itsjudyslife, Connor Franta, FashionRocksMySocks, LibbyLovesMakeup13 and Bubzbeauty. I watch way to many videos and have way to many favourites!

Do you love @/mildredsinstagram?
Hell Yes.

Why do you love @/chlomelody so much?

Favourite makeup brand?
Drugstore would have to be Maybelline because most of my collection consists of it. As for high end it would be either MAC or Urban Decay even though they are both so expensive.

Those are all the questions I will be answering today, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to be featured in future Q&A's then make sure to follow my Instagram, or leave them in a comment below. 

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