Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Better Concealer?

Hello everyone. Concealer plays a big part in my everyday makeup routine, if I wear makeup I cannot go without it. It can make your skin look so much more awake and healthy. Today I am going to be comparing two drugstore concealers: the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Each of these concealers is widely available in places such as Boots or Superdrug. Although both of these prices are affordable and within most peoples budget, there is a price gap between them. The Collection Lasting Perfection retails for £4.19, which is a steal for any concealer. Whereas the Fit Me is slightly more expensive at £5.99, but still affordable. 

The Maybelline Fit Me concealer compared to the Lasting Perfection has a much wider shade range and they have shades specifically for yellow undertones and pink undertoned skin. They overall shading of the concealer is amazing it offers so a wide range of shades that would suit most skin tones. Mine is in the shade '15' which is the palest pink undertone they offer and it matches me perfectly. This concealer is very creamy and the consistency is quite runny, which means it is easily blended but doesn't leave your skin looking oily afterwards. Like the Lasting Perfection it has a dope foot applicator, which is really convenient. I use this concealer on an everyday basis on blemishes and under my eyes to conceal dark circles. It covers really well and I would say it has a medium coverage. Under my eyes the concealer does tend to crease slightly, however it isn't anything to major. It will tend to split and spread on my blemishes if I don't top up with powder, but it keeps it's coverage throughout the day nicely.

The Lasting Perfection Concealer doesn't have a great shade range, I believe there are three overall shades, which don't go very dark. As you can see from the picture the palest shade 'fair' is a lot paler than the Fit Me Concealer, so it would be good for people with very pale skin, like myself. This formula of this concealer is much thicker compared to the Fit Me, it also sets a lot quicker, so you have less time to blend it into your skin. Again this concealer comes with a dope foot applicator, which is really practical. I would say it is high coverage, as it covers everything! I would use this if I were having a bad skin day. I don't tend to apply this under my eyes as I personally feel like it can cake up and crease very easily. Less is definitely more with this concealer otherwise you can look really caked up if you apply too much. This product is great if you have oily skin as it sets with quite a matte finish, however if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this as it does tend to stick to dry patches. Like the name suggests the lasting power of this concealer is amazing, because of it's matte finish it lasts all day.

Overall between these two concealer I would have to choose the Maybelline Fit Me as I prefer the formula of it. The collection is too heavy of a coverage for me and I don't like the caked look, it can sometimes give on my skin. I feel the Fit Me to be a much more natural looking concealer, and much more easily blendable. I know each of these concealers are favourites for many bloggers out their, and this is just my personal opinion. Everyone's skin is different. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Wow, the Maybelline concealer sounds awesome! Might have to give it a try soon because I've heard so many good things about it! Great post!

    Shaun Nolan // Shaunyland