Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Brand Focus | Maybelline

Hello everyone and welcome to another brand focus, today the focus is Maybelline. Maybelline seems to be one of the most hyped up drugstore brands in the UK, mainly for their mascaras and baby lips. They have had so many recent releases which have been so popular throughout the blogosphere. 

The first product I own is the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, this is one of the most recent releases to Maybelline. I have already done a full post on it here, but in a nut shell this is a great primer that mattifies your skin and erases all visible pores. However since writing the review I found it to be a cause of my breakouts on my skin, I think this is because it contains silicone which has a tendency to break people out and clog your pores.

Then for bases I have the BB Cream by Maybelline. This product is really light wieght on your skin and doesn't cake up. It is a very sheer coverage, for that reason I like to wear it in the summer when I want less procuct on my skin. It also has SPF 30 which is an added bonus. One thing I would say about this procduct is that the shade range isn't very good and the lightest shade is still quite orange on pale skin like mine.

One of my favourite products is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I love the formula of it and it has a medium/high coverage so it's able to cover and blemishes and dark circles you might have. The shade range is also really good as it specifies whether you have a pink or yellow undertoneon your skin.

My next product is my all time makeup must-have, it's the Rocket Volume Express Mascara. Many people love this mascara and so do I. It gives amazing volume without being clumpy and also does great job at lengthening your lashes too. If there was one products I told you to go out and buy it would have to be this one. Maybelline is famous for it's amazing mascaras and I have to agree on that. I have only tried this one but I can tell I will love them all and I can't wait to try more out.

Another product I absolutely love is the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. They are cream eyeshadows and were the first of their kind to hit the drugstores and for that reason many bloggers went crazy for them. They act as great bases for any eye look, but also look great on their own just swept across the lid. The colours I own are 'On and On Bronze' and 'Barely Branded' both are really versatile neutral shades.

Last but not least I have the Baby Lips, these are seriously hyped up in the blogging industry. I have done a post about them here. But if i'm honest there is nothing special about them, they are just plain/tinted lipbalms. They do moisturize my lips but not as good compared to other alternative lip balms.

Overall Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. Most of their products are high quality and affordable. I would highly recommend it as a starting of point for people beginning with makeup as they have everything you would need.

Thankyou for reading. Let me know your favourite Maybelline product by commenting down below. I hope you enjoyed.


  1. my favourites have to be ; my colour tattoo in on and on bronze, my peach kiss baby lips, the black gel liner and my falsies masara.
    Really love the style of this post and cant wait for more:-)

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