Saturday, 8 March 2014

Growing Out Your Hair & Hair Care Routine

Hello everyone, as so many of you seemed to like my skincare routine I thought I would show you my hair care routine. In the end of year 7 I chopped my hair to just below my shoulders and had short layers put it with a fringe. Admit it everyone has had hair crisis' and this was one of them. At the beginning of year 8 I regretted it, and started to grow it out in December.

That is when I became 'obsessed' with hair care I was on YouTube searching 'how to grow out your hair' for months. I then finally started to notice a difference and now after a year my hair is up to below my rib cage woo! 

Before you begin to think about growing your hair out I recommend you get it cut, so that you are growing healthy fresh hair not dead split hair. When growing your hair out you should still get trims otherwise your split ends will continue to split up your hair and you will eventually need to get more and more off.

When it comes to washing your hair you should alternate between different shampoos often to reduce build up in your hair. I personally use a different one every night, but one shampoo I have found that doesn't build up is the Aussi Mega Shampoo, I love all of Aussi's hair care range and this is no exception. I massage that into my scalp to increase the volume and stimulate the hair follicles (tip: increases hair growth). I then condition using again Aussi products, this is the luscious long condtioner, I only apply this onto the ends of my hair to seal in the split ends (tip: if you apply it to the roots it can make your hair greasy). I rinse it all out using warm water. 

Next I gently towel dry my hair and apply a leave in conditioner, which helps to keep your hair hydrated it also makes it easier to comb through your hair. To comb through my hair I use a wide toothed comb, that way there is less breakage when you brush your hair (tip: start combing from the bottom upwards, that will reduce breakage also) To prevent frizz I like to use the frizz-ease hair serum. I then leave my hair to dry naturally overnight. I either leave it down, put it in plaits or twist it and clip it in the top of my hair. All of these create wavy hair in the morning.

In the morning I will take my hair down and shake it out. One thing someone will tell you when you are trying to grow your hair out is DON'T USE HEAT, which I did do... mostly (tip: search for heatless hairstyles on YouTube). However in the morning my fringe is quite kinky so I just straighten it, I apply the Tresemme heat protectant and then using my tangle teaser brush it straight and straighten it with my GHD MK5 straighter. I am then good to go. If I am going somewhere special then I will tend to straighten or curl my whole hair. I tend to do all of these steps every other day (tip: if you wash your hair everyday you are stripping your hair of its natural oils, which will make it produce more grease quicker)

That is my hair routine and I hope you find my tips useful, I am not an expert these things just worked for me and helped my hair grow longer and stay healthy. 


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