Monday, 17 August 2015

Aeroplane Beauty

The plane air can be harsh on our skin, the cold air conditioning can dry out our skin and suck out the remaining moisture leaving it dehydrated. In my carry on I like to carry products that will rehydrate my skin and also make it feel lifted and fresh whilst on the long haul journey.

On planes my hands and face become dry and cracked so a must for me is to carry moisturizer with me. I take a separate hand moisturizer that can be used on other dry patches, to a face moisturizer. Planes especially carry a lot of germs and I don't know about you but I don't want to get sick before my holiday. So to prevent this I take some hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean and germ free. Again, with the moisturizer I like to tend for my lips that also become dry in the harsh aeroplane air, so I take a lip balm and also Vaseline which is a multi use product that can be used on dry patches and eyelashes. I usually feel horrible and sticky on a long haul flight so I like to freshen up with deodorant. If the flight I am going on is especially long then I like to take a pair of gloves to wear on my hands with a dollop of moisturizer and this allows my hands to absorb it and prevent them cracking. I also take a muslim cloth, cotton bud and cotton pads in case I need them to take off makeup or to wash my face, so I feel more alive. Of course a girl with long hair needs her hair bands and clips, if I don't have these on me on a journey then rest assured I will rip out my hair in annoyance.

What is your aeroplane beauty?


  1. Moisturiser and deoderant are definitely a must for me! xx

    Emilys Beauty Thoughts

  2. Moisturiser and lip balms are absolute essentials, I couldn't possibly cope with constant chapped lips. Lovely post.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  3. I don't travel on planes often but I will save this post for when I do next! Thank you for the great tips x

  4. The gloves are such a good idea! I used to do that in the winter overnight, never thought to do it on a plane! x

    Martha Jane |