Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Pays a Visit

So it seems Summer in Britain has finally paid a visit. The weather has finally warmed up and it's edging ever so closely to the end of school. This all means only one thing, holidays. What comes with holidays you may ask? preparation, that will make your skin look as glowing as possible on the beach in your swimming costume.

The Bikini
All the stores are stocking them and have all their summer stock in. I was a little put off when I saw them in the shops in Winter times may I add, but now is the time to get your new bikini. They have a range of different styles to suit your preferred style, but don't let anyone tell you which you can and can't wear. If you want to wear a daring bikini wear it.

Bikini's featured
Otilly Swimwear*

When in the shower use a scrub, especially in summer. This uplifts your skin from the dead cells and gives it a healthy looking glow, it also makes the after feeling of shaving just that much better.

The razor
I'm a preferred razor user over waxing. I think it's quicker and less hassle. Getting a good razor to ensure a close shave and minimal effort afterward really makes all the difference. I am a true Venus user and that's what works for me to create a smooth feel. There is nothing better than a feeling of freshly shaved legs, especially on clean bed sheets (the little things in life).

Finishing touches
To prevent your skin from cracking after shaving it's important to moisturise no matter what. If you want to go that little extra in summer and are like me not into going all out in the tanning department try out a tanning moisturiser. It will give you a buildable gradual tan that won't leave you like an umpa lumpa, as well as moisturising your skin and giving it a healthy summer glow.

Show it off
Show it off and be confident. Summer is usually a time where people feel self conscious about the lack of clothes and their body, but in all honesty no matter what your thinking, the people around you probably don't care. Be confident and don't let those insecurities you have hold you back in having fun because what is a life if you're not living it to the fullest?

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  1. Love this post, you should definitely try using an epilator on your legs, at first I was terrified but the results were beyond amazing. You didn't have to shave for a whole month! The more you use it the less it hurts.

    Olivia - My Clueless Mind