Friday, 27 December 2013

Winter Makeup Routine

Hello everyone, Today I'm going to share with you my winter makeup routine. All these products I have been using for a while and put together they work really well for winter, I love the way it turns out.

For base makeup I start off with the Revlon photo ready BB cream in the shade light, and blend it in with my hands, it gives me the coverage I need and covers up any redness. I then conceal my dark circles using my Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade 15 and apply it in a triangular shape under my eyes and blend it out, this really brightens up my eyes and makes them appear more awake. I then conceal any spots I have and blend it out. Then I powder my face to get rid of any shine using my eco tools powder brush. I will sometimes add blush, and it is usually my natural collection blush in peach melba, which gives a natural blush to your face, I apply it using my models own blush brush.

I then move onto my eyebrows, I start by brushing them out using an eyebrow brush. I then fill them in using my natural collection eye shadow duo in mocha/latte, I use the mocha shade with my ecotools flat eyeliner brush. Clear mascara makes a great brow setter, and it keeps my brows in place all day, I will lastly highlight my brow bone using the latte shade from the duo.

I love experimenting with eye shadow. I usually start with an eye shadow base, such as the Maybelline colour tattoo in barely branded. I will either wear it on its own or as a base. So I will then apply eye shadow, such as the mac eye shadow in all that glitters with my ecotools full eye shadow brush. Then to deepen up the look I will use the mac eye shadow in sable with a Topshop blending brush. I then line my lash line with the Rimmel scandal eyes liquid liner in black. Applying mascara is important and completes any look, I first use the Maybelline rocket volume express mascara and then layer it up with the Benefit volume express mascara and both of them together both thickens and lengths your lashes really well. 

Finally for lips I firstly use my lush bubble gum lip scrub, to prep them before applying lip balm. I then use my Maybelline baby lips in grapevine which is a deep berry colour, perfect for the time of year. Sometimes I will also add a gloss, mostly the Clinique gloss balm in raspberry or the dandelion lip gloss by benefit. That is my makeup routine but I don't wear this everyday but if I do this is genuinely wear this. 

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