Sunday, 24 January 2016

City Grunge

Top // Sheinside
Hat // Sheinside
Skirt // Sheinside
Shoes // Sheinside
Watch // Daniel Wellington

I have missed doing fashion posts for you all, but unfortunately the current weather situation in the UK means bad lighting and rain almost everyday and that doesn't make good outfit photography conditions. So I thought I would continue on with this sort of outfit post where I show you current outfit combinations that I have been loving along with my fashion wishlists.

This outfit is fit for the city. I can imagine wearing this simple, yet cute outfit down the streets of London or New York. I love the whole simplistic vibe of the outfit aswell as it maintaining an element of grunge from the leather and platform shoes. The pleated midi skirt gives off a very retro feel to the outfit which has been brought back to life with the modern elements, such as the sleek, clean looking v neck tee. When wearing statement pieces the key is to pair them with simple items that will draw attention to the focal point of your outfit. These shoes are knock off of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's which I have had my eye on for a while now, but these are for a fraction of the price and give the same look to the outfit. Although I have not tried and tested them out, I can not 100% say I wouldn't fall flat on my face if I attempted to walk in them! If you wanted a more casual appeal to the outfit you could always switch put the heels for a pair of trainers that would enhance the retro look. But overall I think that this outfit is perfect if you are looking for something that you can just  throw on and look put together, like you really tried when in reality you just chucked on some statement pieces that together create the perfect look.


  1. I can just imagine Carrie Bradshaw in this. Ooh I love those boots! I have a pair of studded ankle boots that I love so much but I wore them on a night out and I think I may have destroyed my feet! They are the kind of shoes you wear for an hour to look good then switch to flats!

  2. Love this outfit! The skirt is gorgeous, and it's so cheap! If I wasn't on a major saving session right now I would definitely be buying it ha.

    Lauren |

  3. Love Daniel Wellington watches!!!