Saturday, 18 January 2014

Makeup Storage Ideas

Drawers - Homebase, Pen Pot - Wilikinsons, Ring Holder - Forever 21

Hello everyone, today I'm going to share with you my makeup organization tips. Before I got organised with my makeup, it was all over the shot. It is important to stay organized as this way you won't lose any products. I personally feel like I get more use out of products with being able to see all my products rather than them being all in different makeup bags, which was my previous storage. I hope you can all take away some tips on how to store your makeup and become more organized.

Brushes - Real Techniques, Models Own, Topshop and EcoTools

I'll firstly start off with my brush storage, I like to see my brushes out and although people say that they collect dust, I generally prefer this way of storing them. I hold them in this white paisley design pen pot, which is actually from Wilkinsons and was super cheap! It houses all my brushes and they are all easy accessible and within view.

Drawers - Homebase

Moving onto my main/everyday storage, I store all of my most used makeup in this small set of 3 clear drawers I picked up form Homebase, however you can also find exact replicas in Muji. I love these drawers as you can seen exactly what is inside each draw and I like the way it looks. On top of the draws I have my Eos lipbalms simply because they wouldn't fit anywhere else. In the top draw, I have my concealer, powder, Mac eye shadows, my brow powder and blushes. In the second draw down I have my lip products. In the final draw I have all my eye products such as; eyeliners, mascaras, cream shadows and jumbo eye pencils. I think it is useful to split your makeup up into sections, as this way you are able to find your products a lot easier.

Wiker Baskets - Dunelm Mill

Finally moving onto the rest of my makeup. I store it in these wicker baskets I picked up from Dunelm Mill, I think these baskets are great as they look cute and are great for organizing. I also hold my hair care and skincare in two larger ones. In the first basket I have all the products that wouldn't fit in the clear drawers, such as; newly bought products, BB creams, foundations, eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers, highlights etc. In the other I store my other tools and nail tools and polishes.

Those are my tips on storing your makeup, whether you have more or less than me I hope you find this useful. As you can probably see though I am quickly running out of room and I am looking for more storage ideas, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it in the comments.


  1. I have the white pen pot and store some of my brushes in it too!! It looks really nice aswell!!!!!! :)))

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