Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Soap & Glory Brow Archery | New On The Market

Recently it's been all about the brows, all celebrities have been going for bold thick brows. Unfortunately however not everyone is blessed with Cara Delevinge brows so we fake it. I'm going to be talking about the Soap & Glory Brow Archery, I have been seeing so many bloggers review this and YouTubers use it in their videos which is what made me want to try it. I picked it up at Boots for £10, which some people may find a bit expensive for a drugstore product but I had heard so much positive feedback of it I thought I would pick it up.

I got it in the shade 'Brownie Points' which is the darkest shade they do. The down side to this product is definitely their shade range,  as they only offer two shades that aren't massively different. So if your eyebrows are  very blonde or black this wouldn't work for you. 'Brownie Points' is still a little light for me and my brows aren't that dark. Brow Archery is a double ended product, on one end is a  wax pencil and on the other is a felt tip for your brows, yes a felt tip! I was mostly intrigued by the felt tip end when purchasing this product as I have never seen anything like it before. The pencil side has great pigmentation and if you use a fine hand with small strokes it creates a really soft natural look to your brows. I helps my brows also set into place with its waxy formula, so they don't end up going wild half way through the day.

The pen side is literally like one you would use to colour in with. I basically colour in my eyebrows again with fine strokes. It also has great pigmentation even though it is more liquidy. The pen side also creates a really natural yet defined look. Although it takes more time it can really looks like your eyebrows are naturally on point and you haven't even touched them. I think that the pen side has too be my favourite out of the two!

Overall if you are on the search for a new brow product that will give you a natural look, I suggest you check this out, but be careful with the shades. I love this product but I do wish they come out with more shades as the current ones definitely are not suited for everyone. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.


  1. I have been using Archery for a while now and love it too! I agree it would be good if they had a wider shade range x

  2. I've been hearing so many good things about Soap and Glory makeup recently, not just the brow products but all of them. I want to try these out but being a redhead they probably won't suit my brows. You win some and you lose some I guess. Lovely review :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Soap and Glory have really been stepping it up recently! That's a shame lovely, the shades are quite ashy tones, perhaps the blonde shade maybe? Also Thank you!

      Georgia x

  3. I've heard so much about this I'd love to give it a try but the felt tip end kind of scares me! I really want to try the Anastasia brow wiz pencil too! xx

    Pillarbox Post