Saturday, 3 May 2014

Rimmel London | Brand Focus

Hello everyone and today I am back for yet another Brand Focus, I have recently been loving writing these sort of posts, I hope you like to read them! 

This brand focus is going to be based on Rimmel London, which in my opinion is a very hyped up drugstore brand. You hear more about Maybelline and Revlon these days. However Rimmel is still a good quality, affordable brand.

One thing I feel Rimmel is widely know for is their eyeliners. They offer a range of amazing well pigmented eyeliners. I have three: two liquids and one kohl. The first one I have is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liquid Liner in 'Black', if I am honest I don't really like this particular eyeliner. It has a really small nib, which is great for precision but not the easiest of applications. I also found it dried up really quickly and didn't last long at all. 

The next I have is the Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Liner , this is more of a runnier formula and because of that really glides onto the lids with easy application. I much prefer the nib on this, although it is fat you can altar the width of the line with ease. It is also jet black, stays on your lids and doesn't flake off.

The last eyeliner I have is the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner in 'Nude', I apply this on my waterline and it really helps brighten your eyes up and make them appear bigger. This isn't hard on you eyes it is a smooth application and glides well into your eyes and waterline.

Next I have the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 'Ash', again this is another let down product for me. I don't like this pencil as it doesn't blend well and it isn't soft. It is a really hard pencil and doesn't come of well onto your brows unless you warm it up. Even after that personally on my brows doesn't give a natural look, but a drawn on look. I think I may have got the wrong shade though as many people seem to love it.

The most raved about product by Rimmel has to be their Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This is the only powder I use and I think it is an  amazing drugstore powder. Out of all of the powders I have used, this is by far my favourtie. I keeps your skin matte throughout the day and prevents excess oil build up. It also helps your makeup from creasing and stay on all day.

I them have a Rimmel Single Shadow in 'Jet Black', I use this shadow to sometimes set my eyeliner if I am wearing any on the waterline, I also like to smudge it out on my lower lash line. This shadow is well pigmented and is smooth to go onto the lid. However I do find it to be a little chalky textured when applying it. But all round I think for the shade I have it is an OK eye shadow, but nothing special.

Lastly I have a Rimmel Top Coat. I love this topcoat and will use it on its own too for school. It gives a really nice finish to any nail polish and it prevent your polish from chipping. When I don't wear this top coat I notice my nail polish I'm wearing will chip after a day, but when I wear it they can last for up to a week without chipping! I think this an amazing top coat for the price!

Overall I think Rimmel is an underrated brand and offers a lot of really good products, but then again some not so good but it's the same for all brands. I would recommend you try something out from Rimmel, although it isn't my favourite brand it might be yours. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Loved your post, but, in the second paragraph were you meant to put 'not' very hyped up? As later you contradict yourself, just checking:-)

  2. Great post, I do love bait of rimmel!

  3. Great post!