Monday, 3 August 2015

What is in my Summer Bag

A new season, a new insight into my bag and this time a new bag too (eeek) I bought a new bag for summer from the Next sale, it seems a plain brown bag at first peak but with a closer inspection there is a secret pop of colour. I love this bag and it goes perfectly with every outfit I wear it with. In my bag I usually carry around  the same sort of items but sometimes switch up a few items depending on seasons.

These are of course a necessity for the summer months and my current chosen pair are from Dorothy Perkins.

Lip colours
What would a what's in my bag be without a few choices of lip colours and of course I stick to my nude shades here with Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in 'Nudist' and Mac's 'Crème Cup'.

Two lipbalms are what all girls need in their bags right? Of course it is. I'm not sure why I have two lipbalms in my bag, I guess I just keep putting them in my bag and forgetting they are in there.

Hand Cream
This Palmers hand cream is a current favourite of mine and it works wonders for my skin, if I have any dry patches this clears it right up.

Hair Clip
In the summer long hair can be a bit of a bug bare, and most days I just want to chuck it up and out of my face. Carrying around a hair clip can actually prove quite useful.

Hand Sanitizer
Hair Bobbles
Chewing Gum

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my bag, I'm sure we can all admit that we are nosey when it comes to this sort of thing and that's nothing to be ashamed of!


  1. I love your bag, I'm actually on the look out for a new brown bag for college, I might have to go and have a look in next x

  2. this bag is really pretty, looks a good size too x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. It's the perfect size to chuck everything into on a summer day!

      Georgia x

  3. It is such a nice bag! Of course every girl needs at least two lipbalms!
    ~ Lauren Xo

  4. I'm in love with Your bag!

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