Saturday, 17 November 2018

Body Image

Body image is a thing that many people struggle with, including me. I constantly have battles in my mind about whether I like the way I look on a certain day and I will not lie, more often than not I do not. I have good days and bad days. I have days where I see a picture of another girl and want to look like her and days where I don't mind what I see in the mirror. Sometimes I hate my short legs, other days I like them. Yes I have small boobs, do I want bigger ones? Maybe. Sometimes I want to be skinnier and others I want to be curvier. The amount you love yourself stems from your mental outlook on your own body.

We are used to seeing so many idealistic body shapes in todays society, whether it be curvy, toned or skinny. Though the media now displays a larger variety of body types, it still doesn't erase the issue of people being able to love themselves. Yes, girls and boys are no longer faced with just one ideal figure in magazines, but that still doesn't change the struggles people face mentally. You either always want to be curvier, stronger or skinnier. 

Loving yourself is what is important and accepting the fact that your body is the shape it is. No matter how hard you try it you might not be able to physically become the shape you so desire as you were born the way you are for a reason. Each person on this planet is different and no one worth less because of the way they look or dress. 

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