Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Blast From The Past

Now more than ever the past era's that came before us are making a comeback. Through their fashion and decor, if you step into a shop you will no doubt see something inspired by the past decades you may not even realize! It's beauty to see items that people used to wear and enjoy come back around for our generation. The sentimental value that people in the past had for the love of the items we are now using today.

These days I will find myself often questioning my Mum or Dad "Why did you throw that out?" mostly referring to their  old clothes, old radio's and record players. Back then it was the normal to have them, but then in comes the new 'IT' thing and out of the window it goes into the trash. That's the reality of everyday life, we chuck out old things that we think we will no longer need when in fact years later there it is again. In fact our kids will probably be asking the same question I ask my parents now.

The beauty of retro spec gadgets coming back in give us an idea of what it was like back in the day. All the Polaroid camera's everyone's after, where you can have a physical memory of that day instead of having everything digitally backed up. The good old Roberts Radio which people mainly use for show for their appealing retro appeal. Walking into people houses today is like a blast from the past with all the 70's inspired decor used to furnish their home. It's like you living 40-50 years ago.

Then of course there is the fashion. Retro fashion is recently making a huge comeback with the 70's, 80's and 90's influencing today's trends. From favourites such as: the midi skirt, the bomber jacket, shift dresses, tartan, the bowler hats, loafers and so much more. Yup those things in your wardrobe we're first worn in the 70's (Your mum may have worn the same thing as you too!) You may also find yourself wearing items from your younger life, anyone else remember wearing those frilly socks, Mary Jane's and scrunchies to your first day of school? I sure do.

It truly is the old saying ;what comes around goes around; in today's world. If you have learnt anything from this post it is don't chuck out you old clothes because you never know when you'll next see them hitting the shelves!  I hope you enjoyed this little delve into the past post and it's now made me want to hit the retro stocking shops.

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