Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Natural Detox

For the past 2 Weeks I have been on a detox journey by Byron Body. It's a herbal leaf tea that it's proven to help improve your skin and can help speed up weightloss, but it was for the skin benefits I gave it a try. I had recently seen a lot of people including celebrities trying out these tea detox's which is why I became interested in the first place.

After Week 1

Whilst brewing my first pot of the tea, the thing that came to my mind was the strong herbal scent that was coming out from the packet. I placed one and a half teaspoons of the loose leaf tea into the diffuser provided and let the tea stew for 5 minutes depending on how strong you like it, it may be longer. The taste is definitely fruity yet quite spicy, it's a really warming drink. After a few days of drinking it I noticed my skin had improved quite a bit. It seemed more glowy and healthy looking and my breakouts had reduced.

After Week 2

Beginning my second week into the detox I was already feeling healthier even though I had been slaking on working out recently (oops) I felt a lot fresher and not as bloated as I felt previous after eating. I naturally do eat quite healthy anyway but in the Summer I find myself reaching for more unhealthy snacks, but I found that this tea reduced my cravings for all the bad stuff. I was really impressed with the results this detox gave me at the end I felt a look healthier and happier in myself, my skin was looking a lot better and I had almost no breakouts. 

For anyone who is considering starting one of these detox's should do, you will end up feeling a lot better with yourself and if you suffer from bloating I would highly recommend this for you! The tea I tried is from Byron Body, which is an amazing brand and the tea not only does good but tastes amazing too! To purchase your own tea-tox or for more information on Byron Body click here.

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  1. This sounds amazing, I'll have to check it out. Could you keep us updated though telling us your results as you progress?