Wednesday, 27 August 2014

First Time For First Aid Beauty | Review

Each time I hear about First Aid Beauty I think to myself " I must try that out!" but never end up doing. Compared to America it is quite hard to get hold of in the UK, the easiest way probably being online. But whilst travelling to Greece, I saw it on in the plane magazine and knew I simply couldn't pass it up. I bought the Ultra Repair Cream for £8 on board the flight.

I have to admit I had quite high expectations for this little bottle of moisturizer, you gather up that sense of excitement of trying a new product everyone seems to love. The beauty of this product is that it isn't just targeted as a facial moisturizer and can be used all over your body too! It's quite a heavy duty moisturizer and would be perfect to use in the colder months on dry patches or if you overall have dry skin, which at the moment I don't. First Aid Beauty don't use any unnecessary chemicals in their products and aim their Ultra Repair range towards people with sensitive skin and this product didn't irritate my skin. As it is a thick moisturizer I feared that it would leave a greasy residue on my skin, but I was indeed impressed as it absorbed into my skin as soon as I began to rub it in, it left my skin feeling hydrated all day long to when I came to apply it again at night when my skin can usually start to feel tight with any other moisturizer.

One thing I will say though is that I did notice my skin seemed to break out more whilst I was using it, it may have been the moisturizer or that my skin was going through a rough patch. Overall however I think this is an amazing product that would work wonders on dry skin and in the Winter months which you should get your hands on. 


  1. Your blog is adorable! I loved the review! I have been wanting to try First Aid Beauty's face wash. I have their lip repair, and I love it! I should definitely buy the moisturizer. I love a good facial moisturizer. It's a bummer that it clogged your pores. I need something that will clear my pores. Great review though, and the picture showing off the product totally inspires me! I am going to start doing that.

    Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  2. Love your blog it is one of the nicest I've ever seen!! I was going to get this product but now that I've found an honest review I won't I'll save my money for something better :) Thankyou so much!!! xxx