Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Affordable Makeup | Under £10

Affordable high street makeup can be a steal, but can also sometimes be a let down. Today I thought I would share wit you a few of my favourite affordable makeup, these makeup items are absolute steals for their price and quality not to mention all under £10!

The first item I have is the MUA palette in 'Heaven and Earth' these palettes are known for their similarities to the Naked palettes not so much for the quality but definitely the shades. These palettes are available at Superdrug for only £4! for that you get 12 eye-shadows which are all neutral shades. I would recommend this palette if you are starting out with makeup as they are super affordable and have a wide variety of neutral shades.

Also for eye shadows the 17 eye trio's are good for their price £5.49 the shade I have is 'Enraged'. For the price I would say the quality is OK and great for beginners. The shades are well pigmented for the price, however they can come across as quite chalky; and as they are shimmery can create quite a lot of fallout. However I think they area great start of point and affordable.

An affordable eyebrow products is the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil, which only costs £2.99. I used to use this all the time for my brows. It is a waxy texture so it also keeps your eyebrows in place as well as giving a bolder but still natural eyebrow look.

Now moving onto an eye shadow duo that I think is a great alternative to spending a lot of money on a brow powder. It is by Natural Collection, which is already a highly affordable brand with actually quite good products. If you want to save money on things for your brows I would recommend trying out Natural Collections eye shadows as they are not chalky but a smooth and will give a natural look to your eyes. The duo I have is in the shade Mocha/Latte. I use the dark brown shade for my brows and the matte white shade as a highlight. You can pick this up for a steal price at £1.99!

Last brow product now I promise, but I find it quite hard to find a brow setting product in the drugstore and it's not something I want to splash the cash on really. So I turned to clear mascara which holds a similar concept as it's a clear gel. I find they hold your eyebrows in place all day, so you'll be left with your brows being on point. The one I use is the 17 Clear Mascara which retails for £4.69.

I tend to go for cream eye shadows over powdered as I feel they last a lot longer and give an over all nicer finish on the eyes. Coincidental my favourite cream eye shadows are from the drugstore, they are the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils. I have them in the shade 'Milk' and 'Black Bean' both act as good bases for eye shadows. They retail for £5.99 in Next stores and I would highly recommend them as not only are they highly pigmented and creamy, but they are also multi purpose and can act as an eyeliner also so effectively you are getting two products for the price of one.

I next have the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Eyeliner, this retails for £3.99. This product really helps to make your eyes appear more rounded and awake. It can make a huge difference and there aren't a lot of this type of products in the drugstore, so it's great that Rimmel offer it and at such a good price.

I love wearing liquid liner and always stick to the drugstore for it, I have never actually tried a high end liner. The best one I have yet tried that is highly affordable is they Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner. You can pick this up from Boots for a great price at £5.29. This Eye liner gives a precise line with easy application; I struggle with liner but this product makes it so much easier to do.

All of these products are highly affordable and are all below £10. I hope this post helped you out and discover a love for affordable make up that you don't have to spend an arm and leg on. Thank you for reading.


  1. The Rimmel eye liner and the MUA pallets are some of my favorites, such good quality for the price! lovely post! x

  2. the MUA palettes are so good for their price!

  3. I love the mua palettes, and I would love to try the Rimmel eyeliners including the eyebrow pencils! Lovely post like always:)

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