Sunday, 6 July 2014

Coffee Bean Scrub | First Impressions

I have never heard of such things as coffee scrubs until I saw them blowing up my Instagram feed. After that I knew the time would come where I would have to try one. The first on my list that I have tried is the Mr Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub*.

This scrub is 100% natural and has lots of added benefits for your skin. It helps with rough skin, dry skin, acne, and stretch marks. Because of the natural ingredients, you are not adding chemicals onto your skin that can dry out, irritate and clog up your skin, instead it will enhance your natural skin and nourish it with the skin loving nutrients. Along with all of that Mr Bean Body uses Fair trade ingredients to produce their scrub.

The first thing you notice about the scrub is the smell, it's a strong coffee scent with a touch of sea salt which I actually enjoy. However of your not a coffee lover then you may not. If you can get past the smell I would highly recommend this scrub to you. After just one use my skin felt rejuvenated and smooth. I suffer from acne on my arms and using the Mr Bean Body scrub in the shower honestly seemed to help smooth and reduce the redness on my arms. I can truly say that the acne on my arms has reduced dramatically. I use the scrub all over my body and it has the same effect as it does on my arms. My whole body feels much smoother, I find that after using it my moisturizer sank into my skin much better and things such as tanning lotions went on a lot smoother without streaking at all.  

If you have not yet had the chance to try out a coffee scrub then I suggest you make it to the top of your list, it has changed my skin for the better and I am sure I will be repurchasing the Mr Bean Body Scrub again. To get your hands on the Mr Bean Body Coffee Scrub, then click here. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you learn't more about the added benefits to coffee scrubs. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful information about coffee scrubs. I love coffee ..I like a full robust coffee with alot of bite with chocolate.

    Kopi Luwak.