Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Essentials | Fashion

I'm back today with another Summer favourites my fashion addition. In the Winter time I live in black clothing but as soon as Summer comes around I seem to switch to the other end of the colour wheel with white clothing.  

My clothing items I love to wear in the Summer time first off are dresses, to me they are an essential as you can just throw them on without thinking. In particular this white one from Topshop which I featured in an outfit post here. I love this dress because it has a textured look, it has dainty embroidered thread though it which give it a boho theme to it. Because it's light it is perfect Summer dress that will be light and keep you cool.

Next the item I enjoy to wear flowy loose cami tops. I own a few of them from various places the one I have pictured is from Forever 21 which has the lace detailing at the bottom. I love how they are so simple and can be paired with pretty much anything. 

An accessory that is seen everywhere in the Summer months is flower crowns. You see them all over the catwalk and they become a real fashion staple during these warmer months. The small collection I have collected are from; Georgialouhandmade and Primark. 

In the Summer I always love to stack my bracelets. I have way too many to count. A couple of my favourites however are from Pandora, Handmade bracelets. I also wear a lot of anklets in the Summer as think they add extra detail to an outfit.

Something I have been seeing everywhere recently is headscarves, they have hit the catwalk with a modern twist on the vintage classic. I like to pick mine up from vintage stores, because they have a more traditional look and can be worn so many different ways.

My final fashion favourite is a Summer classic that no one must go without: sandals. There are no ends to the variety of sandals you can get. However my personal favourite is the traditional gladiator in a brown tone. I prefer these as they don't look chunky at all and will go well with any of your Summer outfits.

Those are all of my Summer essentials fashion and beauty wise, to read my beauty essentials click here. I hope you all have an amazing Summer and be sure to keep up to date for more upcoming Summer related posts. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I have those sandals from topshop I love them so much they are so comfy! xx