Sunday, 27 July 2014

What To Take Abroad | Makeup

As you are reading this I will most probably be jetting off into the air.  As some of you may or may not be aware I am going away for a week, which unfortunately means no posting this coming week (boooo!), however it does mean that my next few posts will be holiday based when I get back so keep your eyes peeled for that (yaay!).

I know that now is the time most of us are packing our bags and heading abroad and today I am going to be telling you the do's and don'ts for packing your makeup bag.

1. Think Minimalist

When your in a hot country the last thing you want to be doing is slapping on layers upon layers of makeup, keep it simple. Light, natural looking makeup always looks better than makeup melting off your face. I tend not to wear any face makeup, but if needs be use a concealer to conceal any blemishes or dark circles, and if you need extra coverage try using a BB cream over foundation as this is lighter on your skin. Fill in your eyebrows lightly to frame your face, add some mascara and your favourite nude lip and your good to go.

2. Take Things You Know You Like

When your on holiday in a rush to get ready you don't want to use a product that you actually find out you don't like, otherwise it ends up with you without a mascara. Instead take your old favourites that you know you love and that sit well on your skin, this way you won't have to stress out about your concealer making you break out in a zillion spots.

3. Waterproof Everything

Have any of you had that unfortunate event where you come to jump in the pool, forget you have mascara on, and then end up looking like a panda? not just me then. A way to avoid this is to use waterproof everything! Mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, anything you can get your hands on. Using waterproof makeup will also help in the heat, as it will help your makeup last through the humidity and sweat.

4. SPF

One of the utmost important thing to do whilst your away is to apply a high SPF to protect your skin. It may be pain but it will reduce premature ageing, prevent you getting burnt and reduce the risk of skin cancer, all of which are bonus' right? if your like me and burn like a tomato you'll know how important it is to wear sunscreen. Don't just wear it on your body and face though, be sure to carry with you a SPF lip balm that will protect your lips from the sun too, you lips are prone to get burnt also.

5 .Pack Light

When your trying not to over pack, you don't want to be taking your over-sized bronzer or powder. Instead take compact items that will take up less space, that way you'll also be able to fit more clothes in your suitcase (hint hint).

Those are all my tips and tricks to packing your makeup bag. When I get back there will be lots more holiday based posts including a look book (ooo...). I hope you all have a fabulous week and I will talk to you when I'm back.


  1. I totally agree with everything! Nice tips!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  2. Really good tips! Will be using them in the future xx

    If you could check my blog out it would mean a lot to me! I'm just starting out

  3. These tips are spot on ! I am going to India this month and I always follow these rules ! SPF baby and less is more x