Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Curse of Dry Hands

Today I will be talking about the worse curse, the curse of dry hands. I myself suffer from this and I can share your feelings of pain here. If my hands aren't freshly moisturized then they resemble a wrinkly ladies hands (no offence to be taken), it is not a fun thing. The weird thing to me is that I never before have suffered with this. I thought that dry hands was only a thing that really occurred in Winter but now it's approaching Summer and they still haven't resolved themselves, so I'm assuming dry hands are here for the long run.

Carry Moisturizer Everywhere

There isn't much worse than haven't cracked dry hands and not having hand cream with you, that can be a very painful mistake. I swear by hand cream and I carry probably one or even two in everyone of my handbags and if you know me I always have one on me that I apply continuously throughout the day.

Do Night Treatments

Yes, you can do night treatments for your hands. Like your hair, you leave a deep moisturizer on your hands all night and in the morning they will be as soft as a babies bottom. Get your hands on a hand treatment, I use Soap and Glory's Endless Glove. Slather your hands in it (it doesn't have to sink in) and then apply the fabric gloves you can pick up from boots. Although granted it does make it difficult for carrying out tasks and being on your phone.

Apply Moisturizer Everywhere

When we moisturize our hands we tend to focus on the palms when in fact those aren't the parts that get most dry. In fact its areas like your cuticles that need the most attention. Make sure to focus your moisturizer on all parts of your hands and even get things like cuticle oil to focus on areas that are driest.


  1. My hands are always dry especially as I have eczema and I've tried countless hand creams, this one sounds great x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I also struggle with dry hands all year around and even though I take my hand cream/moisturizer everywhere with me I constantly forget to moisturize them. I found this post quite helpful and I really liked it xx

  3. I used to get the worst dry skin when I was younger, but it seems to have cleared up quite well recently. I found that Boots always had the best range of hand creams! xx

    Emilys Beauty Thoughts

  4. I struggle with dry hands a lot too! This post was so good and so helpful x