Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Raise Your Hats | Style Snippet

If you look back at photos of me from when I was a adorable chubby cheeked child you could gather I was rather fond of the odd hat. Well, that fondness has only grown further as time has gone on. I love nothing more than finding a new hat, and wearing it on days not just where my hair doesn't look good. I can safely say I have a fair few hats although that doesn't mean my collection is finished. You may ask when in life are you going to need the exact same fedora in three different colours? My answer to you I have no idea, other than the fact they all go with their own outfits.

In the winter you wear a hat to keep warm, usually of the woolly variety with a cute little bobble on the end. In Summer, a oversized fedora hat keeps the sun off your face. A hat in all aspects is a practical piece that could 1. save your ears from freezing off and 2. prevent you being blinding by the sun. Then there's a beanie, a woolly hat and yet people still wear it all year, including me. Even though sometimes when I wear my fedora I feel like a MI5 agent in disguise, I think that they can really pull together a look and make a once 'meh' outfit into a 'wow' outfit. So all the more reason  to make wearing hats a regular thing.

Although please spare a small thought for those people who wears a hat but always has it stolen by a friend.

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