Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Barry M Focus

A drugstore nail favourite of mine for many years now has been Barry M, mainly for their affordable prices but also their variety and good quality shades.

Over my time of purchasing nail products I have gathered quite a healthy collection of Barry M polishes in particular all ranging in colour and type. Barry M nail polishes in my opinion is the best out there in the drugstore and also is a close comparison to higher end brands such as OPI or Essie. One thing I like in particular about them is that there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for matte nails, gel nails, quick dry, or just plain jane, they do it. I think it is fair to say I favour Barry M, with nail polish I have a problem with chipping especially when using Essie, after one day I'm left with polishes left on few but three fingers. Whereas my Barry M lasts all but 4-5 days extra. One factor you cannot miss off with Barry M polishes is the price they range from £2.99 for the original and go up to £4.99 for the fancy glitters. For a good quality nail polish in the drugstore that price to me is amazing and I can safely say that a fair few of my pennies has been spent on it.

My favourite range of Barry M is the Gelly High Shines, I would say they dominate my collection overall. The formulation I love and they really glide onto the nails with a high shine finish without needing a top coat. It's like gel nails for a fraction of the price. I also do like the shades offered with the Speedy Dry range and the new UV range does not budge off my nails even with encouragement. From this post you may be able to tell that my favourite shades to wear on my nails is yes, neutral. Greys, whites and pastels. Barry M nail polishes have shades for all occasions and I wouldn't be surprised if they had every shade possible, although they keep coming out with more!


  1. barry m is one of my favourite brands for nail polishes, love the gelly ones the best too! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. I'm actually not a massive fan of barry m polishes, they don't last on me :(

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  3. I couldn't agree more! I also love gelly ones the best, they stay on my nails for days on end and I love the colours available!(:

    -Charlotte xo (

  4. I so agree! Barry M matte nail varnishes are my go to. (I love your insta, would you mind checking my blog out)
    ~ Becky ( xox