Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sponsoring Experiences

Hello everyone today I'm going to be talking about recent sponsoring opportunities I have been given. I fully enjoy helping out business' and promoting their gorgeous items. I have been a sponsor for 3 different jewellery companies and have really enjoyed working with them to help there business go father. The three companies that were kind enough to allow me to sponsor them were Chelsea Elizabeth Jewellery , Velvet Rose Uk, and The Little Pretties. All of these shops house dainty jewellery all unique and handmade.

I have been a sponsor for Chelsea Elizabeth Jewellery twice now and each time I have been blown away by her talent and the gorgeous pieces she has sent me. I wear the Anchor Bracelet and midi ring she sent me all the time and can't wait to wear the Flump Necklace it's adorable.

Ship Wheel Bracelet - buy here

Flump Necklace - buy here

Velvet Rose has such unique pieces of jewellery at her store and I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous rope necklace from her. I adore it, and couldn't wait to share it and make sure you all got your hands on one. I wear mine non stop and love the overall design of it.

Bronze Adjustable Necklaces 'Clock' - buy here

Last but not least I have the Little Pretties, who was the most gorgeous rings and crystallized necklaces. Every single one of her pieces are intricate and unique. I was astounded by the ring I received, it's so gorgeous and is a perfect fit.

Purple Stone Ring - buy similar here

All of these pieces are stunning and I highly recommend you check out all of these girls stores as each one of them is amazingly talented. I am truly grateful for the pieces you sent out to me, and hope that my sponsoring has helped your store go further. I love sponsoring and helping out business' like these as I really do think they deserve more recognition. Thank you for reading.