Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Eos VS Baby Lips

Hello everyone, today I thought I would compare the two most hyped drugstore lip balms: Eos and Baby lips. Considering these are only lip balms they are considerably hyped up for what they are. Eos hit the American shelves a while back, and were immediately featured on YouTube favorites for their unusual egg shape and appeal. A few years later Baby Lips also hit America and again the American blogging industry went crazy for them, bloggers and vloggers ended up buying every single flavour released to make sure they didn't miss out.

It's only recently that both Eos and Baby Lips have been made available in the UK, the Baby Lips were released the summer 2013 and Eos only recently available in Selfridges and in other stores in London. Accessibility wise I think Baby Lips win it as they are now widely available in almost all Stores that sell drugstore beauty. 

Baby Lips have six different flavours available in the UK however more collections in the US, and when I went I picked up a further three tinted ones from the normal line, Electro line and Dr Rescue line. Overall I don't feel the Baby Lips to be anything special, they don't really moisturize my lips a great deal apart from the Dr Rescue line which gives more moisture as they are medicated for sore lips. The clear Baby Lips do not have the wow factor and are just plain lip balms which I find to be quite sticky and sit on top of your lips rather than sinking into them. However the tinted range really give a nice flush of sheer tint to the lips and they do have a wide colour range if you include the American lines, but when it comes to lip balm I look for moisture over colour. Baby Lips are well in my price range and are highly affordable at £2.99 each, which is the average price for a lip balm to cost. My overall favourite is the grape vine which is a sheer purple shade, I purposely like it only for the tint it gives on your lips and unfortunately this shade isn't yet available in the UK, the grape vine also smells amazing as do all the other Baby Lips but some do smell better than others.

Eos lip balms on the other hand have numerous flavours available, it's just getting hold of them that's the problem. Only a few are available in the UK, in some Selfridges stores and other stores in London however if you are desperate for them I recommend ordering them online. The Eos don't have tinted lipbalms just clear moisturizing ones. Can I just say though the packaging is adorable and I love it compared to the Baby Lips, I love the concept of it being an egg shape and how you are able to just chuck it in your bag and go. The products themselves last a great amount of time and the ones I picked up in America still haven't gone down. The consistency of the Eos is creamy and you can tell it is moisturizing your lips and sinking in, whereas the Baby Lips feels like it just sits on top. The lasting power of them is great and I find myself only applying it twice a day when I use it. However when it comes to price, it lets them down as in the UK from what I could find they were £5.99 - £7.99 which is ridiculously expensive for a lip balm in my opinion, in america they retail for around $4.99 which again can be a little pricey for what they are. However they are imported from America and that is why the prices have had to have been brought up considerably. All the flavours give off a scent to match their flavour and my favourite has to be sweet mint, which smells like after eights! 

Out of the two I would have to choose the Eos Lipbalms mainly because of the moisture they give to your lips and their packaging, I mean who could resist? Although the price is slightly higher I just generally prefer the Eos as an overall product compared to the Baby Lips, which is ironic because I own 6 Baby Lips and only 4 Eos. I wish that Eos were made more widely available for people like me who live miles away from any shops that stock them.

Thank you for reading and keep checking back for my next blogpost coming soon.


  1. I really like Baby Lips and I'm dying to try out eos but sadly eos lip balms aren't available in India :(

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    Thank You
    Lovely post

  2. I found where you can get EOS spheres for an affordable price when buying mine before Chirstmas - :)

    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  3. Hello everyone, today I thought I would compare the two most hyped drugstore lip balms: Eos and Baby lips. Considering these are only lip 
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