Sunday, 16 February 2014

Simple Vintage Inspired Winter Day

T shirt // Lily Vintage
Flannel // Urban Outfitters
Jeans // Topshop Jamie Jeans
Shoes // Vans
Watch // Amazon
Bracelets // Pandora

This outfit was inspired by my favourite style: vintage. I love experimenting with vintage style and collecting vintage items. The t shirt I'm wearing is knock off of an expensive 'Homies' tee. It is very over-sized, because of that I messily tucked it into my jeans to make it more fitted but still leaving it casual and it gives a boyfriend style to the outfit. I paired it with a dark navy pair of Jamie jeans to balance out the outfit. I then added my old plain blue vans, to keep the outfit casual but still stylish. As the outfit was quite plain, I decided to add this green plaid flannel, which like the t shirt is over-sized, and if it gets too hot you can always tie it around your waist. Both the t shirt and flannel paired together really give a vintage/street feel to the look. I kept accessories simple and just set on a world watch, which I love and adds a focal point to an outfit and my two leather Pandoras, which I wear constantly. They keep the outfit toned down and not over the top. If it were colder where you were I would recommend throwing on either a parka or bomber jacket, as these will blend into the outfit perfectly.

I love incorporating vintage style pieces into my everyday outfits, and I hope you enjoyed this simple outfit post. Thank you for reading, and comment below any questions you may have and I will try to get back to you.

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